Just over 12 months ago, we launched the Fuze Foundation, our innovative new funeral service, which aims to assist families struggling to meet the rising cost of funerals.  Any family can use our services in exchange for a donation, regardless of their financial situation, as we do not means test.  We accept the donation on the basis of trust and ask families to pay what they can afford.  We have an outstanding team of Celebrants supporting this initiative who have many stories to tell from their time as Funeral Celebrants.

One small example is of an elderly man whose brother had passed away.  He was the only attendee at the funeral and had to get two buses and a long walk to come to the crematorium.  At the end of the ceremony he handed Natalie £20 in an envelope, telling her that he was sorry but that was all he had managed to scrape together.  It was clear that he had very little and he told us that it was a great comfort to him that we were able to help and that he would never forget our support and was a bit overwhelmed by the care given to him, and his brother, by people he didn’t know.


Since starting the initiative we have supported over 150 families who would not have been able to afford a Celebrant to conduct a funeral ceremony.

We are working closely with a number of organisations including Fosters Funeral Directors and Dundee Funeral Support Service who are at the actively seeking to address issues related to funeral affordability.

We rely on the generosity of public donations to keep this service going.  Currently we are breaking even and seeking more financial assistance to help us continue this vital service.

If you can help, please get in touch.  You can donate by clicking here.  We’d love to hear from you.  

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