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Here at Fuze HQ, we truly believe that you never need an excuse to pop open a bottle of fizz, especially when you’re wedding planning, because let’s face it, every day is a celebration on the run up to saying “I do”.  That said, we would like to offer a heartfelt HIGH-FIVE to the wonderful person who decided that the 13th August should become National Prosecco Day. Naturally, we are wholeheartedly behind this decision and we fully agree that the bubbling beauty definitely deserves its own special day.   

Prosecco fever seemed to spread across the UK in 2011, where all of a sudden Brits decided to ditch their old Spanish and French flames, Cava and Champagne, and trade them in for a fresh and zesty Italian model.  Enter prosecco!  Since then, we have pretty much become obsessed with the sparkling superstar.  In fact, almost 40 million gallons of prosecco was sold in the UK in 2018 meaning that us Brits are now drinking one third of Italy’s annual prosecco production making the UK the country that consumes more of the fabulous fizz than any other country on the planet!

So, without further ado, we thought we would be very generous and share some of the latest and greatest prosecco deals available to take advantage of right now:



For those looking for a treat, why not head to Zizzi’s for dinner this evening where you will be treated to a free glass of Prosecco with every main.  Simply follow this link to download a voucher code and show it to your waiter or waitress when you’re seated. 


For an entire bottle of free prosecco, plus the chance to find the best deals in the UK, why not sign up to TopCashback (it’s free) and claim a bottle of Prosecco worth up to £10?


If you’re a Vodafone customer, you can download their free VeryMe rewards app, which will automatically produce a code that entitles you to a bottle of prosecco at Majestic Wine worth up to £10.  Not only that, you’ll also receive a free glass of Aperol Spirtz when you go to collect it!  There’s 20,000 codes available, although each one will only last one hour so make sure you’re near your local Majestic Wine store before you click ‘Get Code’.

GET A DEAL (perfect for pre-wedding stocking up)

Marks & Spencer

M&S are getting in on the prosecco day deals by offering a case of six bottles of their delicious Nella Prosecco for £32 which works out at just £5.33 a bottle.


If you head along to your nearest Sainsbury’s, you’ll find that they’re offering their tasty Castello-del-poggio Prosecco for just £5 a bottle.


The best value prosecco we could find on offer today was on the shelves of Aldi where their Castellore Prosecco is a steal for £4.99 a bottle.


If you’ve been drinking so much prosecco lately that you need to find a new job to fund your habit, why not hand your CV into Glasgow’s Itison HQ and embrace the work perk that is ‘Prosecco Friday’ where staff are treated to a glass of prosecco every single Friday.  Itison are currently recruiting for a number of positions in their Glasgow office so if this is your industry, form an orderly queue!

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