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With a Twist

The traditional bridal bouquet has been a wedding ceremony essential forever and no wonder!  The sight and smell of a humungous bouquet overflowing with fresh floral blooms is a sensory wonder to behold; however, what if you have a severe pollen allergy? Maybe your budget won’t stretch to accommodate extravagant floral displays? Or what if you just want to break with tradition and walk up the aisle holding something a whole lot more unique?  After all, the majority of modern weddings are no longer bound by tradition and nowadays the focus is on reflecting the couple at the heart of the day.

With that in mind, Team Fuze had a good brainstorming session and we’ve compiled our top ten non-traditional bouquet ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration on what to have and to hold (onto forever).  That’s right, one of the loveliest parts of having an unconventional bouquet is that the majority of our top ten can be kept infinitely as a beautiful memory of your big day!

Paper Bouquets

The paper flower bouquet (see the gorgeous image above by Green Wedding Shoes) has grown massively in popularity over recent years and there are a number of reasons why brides are loving carrying these featherlight flowers.  Not only do they look startlingly similar to the real deal, they last forever, coordinate beautifully with your wedding theme and they can also be personalised to within an inch of their lives!  We’ve seen literature loving couples use pages out of their favourite books and sheet music from first dance songs to create flowers.  There’s also a plethora of YouTube tutorials available online so creative couples on a budget can even attempt to make their own.

Dried Flower Bouquets

Ever since Mandy Moore sauntered down a wheatsheaf lined aisle in her back garden with a glorious dried flower bouquet in hand, Pinterest and Instagram have pretty much exploded!  Forget everything you thought you knew about dried flowers as they’ve transcended your grandmother’s dusty dining room and are now one of the biggest wedding trends of 2019.  Dried flowers can coordinate with your theme, can be put together months in advance of your big day and they even retain a slight floral scent! 

Celine Uthurralt

Fabric Bouquets

For those looking for a tactile, yet robust non-traditional bouquet, fabric flowers are an absolutely perfect way to accessorise your big day.  Fabric bouquets can be created from wool, pompoms, silk, off-cuts from wedding dresses and just about any other fabric that takes your fancy.  We LOVE Scottish brand, Eclectica’s felted bouquets, which can be kept forever as a lifelong memento and can tie in beautifully with your wedding theme.  Eclectica also create felt corsages, cake toppers and even ring pouches for four-legged ring bearers to wear!

Sarah at Eclectica

Candyfloss Bouquets

It was reported earlier this year that some brides are ditching traditional bouquets in favour of something with a bit more flavour!  Images of brides and their bridesmaids holding candyfloss bouquets are popping up all over the internet and we love it!  Candyfloss bouquets are fun, whimsical, inexpensive and edible although there is a serious risk of the sweet treat being scoffed before you make it to the ceremony!

Umbrella Bouquets

Some might argue that here in Scotland an umbrella is the perfect, practical alternative to a traditional bouquet, but they also serve a purpose on super bright days and look pretty epic too!  We love this gothic bride and her black umbrella, but there are so many options to be explored and the colours and fabrics can tie in beautifully with any wedding theme.  We’ve seen some fabulous vintage themed weddings where lace or paper umbrellas make for perfect props and photograph brilliantly.

Queen of Gothic Style

Jewellery Bouquets

If you still want to have your fresh flower fix, but are searching for a non-traditional look, how about wearing a floral necklace as a gorgeous alternative?  We’ve all swooned over fabulous flower crowns, but floral necklaces and bracelets have a similar impact and are set to be the next big thing.  Plus, you can save money by ditching the wedding perfume as there’ll be no need to spritz your pulse points as the scent of the flowers should do the talking.

Magdalen Hill

Giant Balloon Bouquets

Okay, so they’re definitely not going to last forever like some of our other bouquet alternatives and there’s a high probability your giant balloon will pop or deflate mid-ceremony, but we’re loving the fun element of giant balloons.  They’re super cheap, eye-catching and can be used to decorate your reception venue after the ceremony.

Mason and Megan

Fan Bouquets

In the same way that an umbrella makes for a great practical bouquet alternative in Scotland, a fan can really have its uses too!  Imagine how effective it would be for wafting away midges at your lochside ceremony!  All jokes aside, fans make for chic alternatives and come in a multitude of colours, materials, shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fan for your wedding day theme.  

L Hewitt

Rustic Bouquets

If you don’t want to stray too far from tradition, how about using natural materials for a classic look with a rustic twist.  We’ve seen wheat, barley, bog cotton, herbs, pine cones, branches, fruit and all sorts being used to bring together incredible non-traditional bouquets.  These bouquets work incredibly at barn style wedding venues and couples with a creative slant to their personalities will have a field day putting them together.  

Celine Uthurralt

Bejewelled Bouquets

If you’re dreaming of a vintage themed wedding, then the bejewelled bouquet is the go-to, non-traditional bouquet for you.  These intricately pieced together beauties are utterly gorgeous, highly glamorous and can also be incredibly sentimental if the bouquet is fashioned out of meaningful jewellery.  As you can imagine, bejewelled bouquets are definitely not inexpensive; however, if you’re creative and have a stash of jewellery and a bit spare time, you can create the most incredible keepsake from your big day that will tell a million different stories. 

Design me Vintage

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