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The Rise of Online Dating

Here at Fuze HQ, we are pretty much OBSESSED with a good love story and through our work as Wedding Celebrants we inadvertently glean oodles of insight into the wonderful world of dating!  You see, in order to create highly personalised and unique ceremonies, we like to dig deep, and one of the interesting facts we’ve learned through the “digging deep” process is that the way in which couples are meeting is changing.

Several years ago, that all-important first date was generally the result of being introduced through mutual friends or catching the eye of a hottie in the local coffeeshop or bar; however, it seems that single guys and gals have moved the search for the perfect partner from bars and coffeeshops to browsers and laptops.  That’s right, in the same way we’ve been ditching the high street for ASOS, black cabs for Uber and travel agents for AirBnB, we’ve also moved our search for love online.  Nowadays, if you’re on the search for a serious mate, it really helps if you digitally date.  In fact, a recent study concluded that if you’re looking to find love in London on a night out, statistically you are more likely to encounter an alien!  Yes, you read that correctly, in 2019 there’s only a three in one million chance of finding the one “organically” on an night out.  With this in mind, you can start to see why society is making the switch and it’s predicted that by the beginning of 2020, 310 million people globally (excluding China) will be using an online dating service.

Meanwhile, up here in Scotland, 69% of singles have met either a previous or existing partner online and within Team Fuze, Celebrants are reporting that in the last year as many as 60% of their terrific twosomes met online. 

Although the statistics are incredibly positive and the majority of us are doing it, for some reason there still appears to be a slight taboo surrounding the world of digital dating.   So, if you’re on the hunt for “the one”, but you fall into the ‘online dating shame’ camp, it’s well worth looking back through history where you’ll discover that human beings have always sought out new ways to find love and there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about.  Digital dating is merely the latest incarnation of matchmaking, which has been going on since the dawn of time.  In fact, one of the earliest examples of matchmaking occurs in the Book of Genesis, where a servant is tasked with choosing a bride for Abraham’s son. 

So there you have it, matchmaking is as old as the hills and for the first time ever digital dating is about to overtake meeting in bars as the no.1 method of finding a significant other, so we should start considering the stigma around online dating as outdated as smoking in cinemas!

To celebrate the wonders of digital dating, we asked two of our gorgeous couples to share their journeys from web to wed… 

Zena & Samuel married at Kinkell Byre in December 2018

Zena & Samuel

Which online dating website did you choose to sign up to?


What made you decide to choose that particular site?

Zena: My friends were talking about it all the time and I was just curious about it.

Samuel: I thought it was easy to use.

How long were you “online” before you found each other?

Zena: About one month.

Samuel: About six months.

What first caught your eye?

The profile picture of each other.

What did you do for your first date?

We went out for coffee.

How long were you dating before you got engaged? 

One year.

Kerry & Gary married at Sherbrooke Castle back in February 2019

Kerry & Gary

Which online dating website did you choose to sign up to?

What made you decide to choose that particular site?

Seemed reputable and felt better chance if meeting someone (plus paid service made it seem more serious /proper).

How long were you “online” before you found each other?

Three weeks.

What first caught your eye?

I messaged Gary first and was attracted to his picture and then his profile description won me over – he seemed funny and down to earth and wasn’t full of the normal “I go the gym everyday” stuff that 99% of guys have on their profile!!

What did you do for your first date?

We met for drinks at the Waverley Tea Rooms in Shawlands. We met mid-afternoon, stayed so long that we got dinner and then he walked me home like a proper gentleman and we shared a kiss on my doorstep. 

How long were you dating before you got engaged? 

Nine months.

The cover photograph of this article features Team Fuze Sensational Celebrant, Tegan Elder with her husband Mark on their beautiful wedding day.  Tegan and Mark also met online and now have two gorgeous children.  Thanks to: Tegan & Mark, Kerry & Gary & Zena & Samuel

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