Each week as part of our Thursday Thoughts series of blogs, we’ve been taking a look at how we can be the best possible version of ourselves.  This week we are focussing on how to start performing.

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves”

In life, we will never reach our full potential if we use past achievements as a benchmark for the future.  We need to strive to be relentless at taking a dispassionate look at what you are doing and why.  Stop doing things that don’t help you get to your goals.  Instead, devote time to what really adds value. 

You may have noticed something about people who are great at what they do – whether it’s business, sport or the arts.  They never seem rushed or flustered, they always seem to have plenty of time and they make their task seem easy.  Conversely, ineffective performers seem rushed and confused – lost.  In order to perform and move towards reaching our goals – we should continually remind ourselves what it is we are trying to achieve and keep things simple!

So where to start?

Start at the beginning!  For example, set yourself the target of getting one gig, not going on a world tour.

Many people get disillusioned because they feel there are too many obstacles to ‘getting going’, so there is no point in starting.  Winners realise that they will get going if they concentrate on a few simple things that really matter and that is what will make the difference.   

“Give yourself a battle that you can win and you will go on and win bigger and bigger battles”.

Time and commitment will make things happen!

Unless we are prepared to commit the time required for the effort needed, we will slip into procrastination and become one of the people who continually tell you they ‘should have’ or ‘could have’.  Winners tell you that they ‘did’.  Planning and commitment steers the brain in a different direction and forms mental as well as physical commitment.  The mental commitment is key.  So, it’s time to set free, to loosen the bow rope and set sail!  What have you got to lose?

Finally, we’d like to congratulate England Women’s football team on performing to such an exceptional standard.  Inspirational stuff! 

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