Thursday Thoughts

Exercise your Talent!

Each week as part of our Thursday Thoughts series of blogs, we’ve been taking a look at how we can be the best possible version of ourselves. 

This week, after a chance encounter with the incredibly talented rapper and producer, Jay Maz, we’ve been having a good think about talent and how we can use our talents to harness our professional and personal ambitions.

Talented thinking is more important than inherent talent

All successful people have talent, but so do many people who never achieve their dreams.  It’s the application of our talent, however modest, that differentiates and brings the successful people to the front.  Talent is worth nothing if you don’t apply it.  It’s what you do with your talent that determines success.

Your talent is only your ticket to the party

How you apply this talent is the key to success.  See it; say it; write it down:  set yourself goals.  Champions, in whatever field, always write down their plans. 

Inspiring people – Jay Maz

Rapper and producer, Jay Maz, had a very disadvantaged start in life, but that’s only made him stronger.  He’s not only using his talents to help himself but he is passionate about helping people around him.  Born in Congo Brazzaville, Africa in 1989, Jay never knew his father and his mother died when he was six years old.  Raised by his grandfather, Jay’s childhood was clearly affected by the loss of his mother and an absent father.  Few people have had a harder start to their lives.  

He told us at that he has been struggling “to get out of the frustration zone” since he was young, but has decided to channel his talent and to talk about his upbringing and frustrations through his songs.

With little help and only his determination he has not only started his own record label ‘Busafu Squad‘ but he also released his first single in 2018 ‘Na BoyoTé’, but that’s not all he is aspiring to do!  He is also establishing the ‘NABOYOTE‘ Foundation, (Naboyote means ‘I will never let you down’), a foundation that helps abandoned children and single mothers in Africa, especially in Congo.

Take inspiration from Jay Maz, use your talent to do something meaningful and fulfilling.  We are sending Jay all of our love and know he will be a massive success with his record label, music and foundation.

About Jay Maz:  Jay was born Mazandou Josian Fared, he’s engaged and is a father to two children.  In 2019 he launched “HATE MY BLOOD.1”, which delves into his experiences and the work he wants to do to support children in the Congo to have a more hopeful life.



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