Each week as part of our Thursday Thoughts series of blogs, we’ve been taking a look at how we can be the best possible version of ourselves.  This week we’re going to focus on how to make that tentative leap from having a great idea to devising a realistic plan.

Begin with the outcome and work backwards…

With a lifetime of experience in project management, Fuze Ceremonies Founder, Anne Widdop, suggests that beginning with the end goal and working backwards is one of the key things to do when planning.  The method is applicable in achieving both professional and personal goals and there are three very simple principles:

See it…

Visualise the end result you want and be outrageous!

Say it…

Run it over in your head again and again. Discuss your ambitions with people who can help; get advice.

Write it…

The most important action is to put pen to paper and write your own strategic plan.  Without writing your plan, it will remain a dream and an unfulfilled ambition.

Your focus determines your reality

It is important that you know what you want to focus on; is it about helping others?  Is it about making money?  Is it about recognition for a cause/campaign?  Success comes in many forms.

Find a buddy

Most successful people find like-minded people to work with. If you ask most successful entrepreneurs, or sporting people, they generally come in pairs.  They have found someone to start a business with or have brought in a trusted ally to help develop a team.  Many people will say “it’s tough at the top”; however, there is another way to look at that!  If you feel it’s tough at the top, then it’s your fault.  Go and find someone who will give you the moral and mental courage to keep going. Don’t be a lone wolf.

“if you want to travel fast, go alone; if you want to travel far, go together”

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