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Winter Wedding Makeup

From smearing a potent concoction of placenta and sulphur onto the skin to reddening lips with a mixture of bromine and beetle juice, it’s safe to say that since the dawn of time, women have gone to extreme lengths to keep up with the latest beauty trends. In fact, a number of 19th Century beauty martyrs are known to have inadvertently killed themselves by draining their own blood in an effort to keep up with the pale-faced fashion of the time!

The pressure to keep up with the latest beauty trends and to look one’s best has always bore down heavily on female shoulders; however, throwing a wedding into the mix can cause even the most barefaced beauty of a bride-to-be to seriously up the ante on their big day.

With the colder weather on its way and a tonne of winter weddings stacking up in the Fuze diary, we caught up with makeup artist, Cori Burnett, from Fina Beauty to share some winter wedding makeup advice with our brides-to-be. Luckily for us, and you, she said a big ‘I do’ to our request! So it’s time to bin the beetle juice and read on for some excellent expert advice.

Make-up by Cori at Fina Beauty: Image by Solen Photography


With a distinct lack of sunshine to give you that mid-summer glow, brides-to-be need to dig a little deeper over the winter months and being mega hydrated is the key to glowing skin success! Water is essential to maintain the skin’s moisture levels and to deliver nutrients to skin cells so if you drink enough of the elixir of life, you will enhance your complexion from the inside out. Cori confirms: “the number one piece of advice I give to all of my brides is to drink a minimum of 1 litre of water a day and cut out those fizzy drinks!”


Getting your skin in tiptop condition is essential for looking good on your big day. Winter can be extremely unkind to your skin, so it’s important to begin a good skincare routine in the months running up to your wedding. Not only will this help to make your skin look fabulous, but it will also help your makeup last all day and night. Cori recommends thoroughly cleansing your face using a gentle cleansing wash followed by a toner, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. For an extra boost, pamper your skin with facials and masks and exfoliate once a week, although Cori strongly warns against using any unfamiliar products on the week running up to the big day in case your skin does the unthinkable and reacts to the new product! Cori advises to invest in a good moisturiser and lip balm: “I recommend Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre or Weleda Skin food and Lucky Cloud Soothing Super Lip Balm”.

Make-up by Cori at Fina Beauty : Image by Solen Photography


Whether you’re planning on applying your own makeup or hiring an expert, a makeup trial is absolutely essential for every bride-to-be.

If you’re applying your own makeup, you have the luxury of being able to have as many trials as your heart desires, but do remember to wear a similar coloured top to that of your wedding dress and if you’ll be self-tanning on your wedding day then be consistent by self-tanning on your trial day/s. That way, you can see how the whole look will fit together.

If you do decide to employ a make-up artist for the day, first and foremost, reserve them as early as possible as they get booked up quickly! However, before you go ahead and book your makeup artist, it’s important that you spend time researching the fruits of their labour. Cori offers the following advice:

– It’s important you choose a makeup artist who is able to create the sort of look you want on your wedding day, so always ask to see examples of their work before booking.
– Always book a trial. This is your chance to do a practice run for the big day and discuss the sort of look you want for you and your bridesmaids and to see what works for you.
– Take some pictures of the sort of look you want to achieve, this really helps the artist and makes sure that nothing gets lost in translation!
– It’s important to be honest with your makeup artist during the trial. Let them know if you don’t like something so they can make sure they create the perfect look for you on the day. They won’t be offended, but would rather know in advance so they can get it right for you on the day.

Make-up by Cori at Fina Beauty : Image by Solen Photography

The Big Day

You have gone all out with the preparation and planning and now it’s the big day! Your makeup is on point and you’re looking a million dollars, but now you have to maintain the look from as early as 8am right the way through to the midnight hour. By thinly layering your makeup, it should stay put until the bitter end, but Cori advises that either you or your bridesmaid have a lipstick, powder and concealer handy to top up throughout the day.

Winter Wedding Make-up Trends 2018/19

On top of all the great advice, Cori also shared some makeup looks for the forthcoming winter wedding season to get you inspired.

“This season I’m loving warm smoky brown eyes for winter brides. Soft metallics are also a big trend this season – try dark purply hues for this look, like aubergine or plums. Team your eye with berry stained lips and a lightly stained cheek to add a soft natural flush of colour (I’d recommend Kiko Velvet Passion lipstick in shade 316 or Hot Tahiti by Mac. Bobbi Brown crème blushers are also incredible). Glowing and natural skin is the key to bridal beauty, but sometimes our skin needs a little bit extra coverage in the winter. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is amazing for brides, but if you find your skin is a bit prone to blemishes or being oily then try Mac Pro-longwear Foundation”.

Make-up by Cori at Fina Beauty : Image by Claire Fleck

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Cori Burnett –
Cori works predominantly in fashion and editorial makeup. She’s worked on runway shows for brands including Clements Ribeiro, Pringle, Reiss, Jane Davidson and The Edinburgh International Fashion Festival.  Design, texture, colour and shape are some of the things that inspire her work, which has been published in magazines including Jute, i-on, TTK, The Herald, Rock n’ Roll Bride, Festival Brides and the Scottish Wedding Directory.  As well as her fashion work, Cori is also part of the Fina Collective which she started alongside international celebrity and fashion make-up artist Ana Cruzalegui.

Claire Fleck –
Solen Photography –

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