Getting married in Scotland is a truly magical experience. You can choose to say those life-changing vows in stately homes, historic chapels and even castles! You can decide to go off the beaten track and be surrounded by Scotland’s rolling hillsides or stay central in a city centre location. The real magic of weddings in Scotland, however, lies in the fact that you can get married pretty much anywhere you’d like to. That’s because our marriage laws are different to those in other parts of the UK.

That means that you can say ‘I do’ up a mountain top, or exchange vows on a barge, if that floats your boat. As long as you have the permission of the landowner/owner and can agree for an official – whether a humanist or otherwise – to marry you, then you’re good to go! You can find out more in this outdoor wedding guide.

With the pandemic changing the look and feel of weddings as we know them (for now!), many couples are opting to get married outdoors. This couple even took matters into their own hands by hosting a drive-in wedding!

So, whether you’ve already got a date in mind for your outdoor ceremony and have planning well underway, or are still looking for inspiration, we thought we’d share our top tips around if you’re hoping to say ‘I do’ outdoors against a memorable Scottish backdrop!


1. Deciding who will marry you romantic

Making your wedding ceremony special is what we specialise in at Fuze Ceremonies! Our humanist celebrants offer bespoke ceremony scripts to ensure your day is as memorable as possible. Whilst humanist celebrants can conduct a wedding ceremony from anywhere (within reason, of course!), if you’re having a religious ceremony this won’t always be possible. Deciding who will marry you is a useful step towards helping you decide exactly where you’ll get married.

2. Agree your location

Are you looking for something a little more ‘out there’, or wanting something more traditional? Perhaps an outdoor ceremony and indoor meal? Considering your location based on the number of people you’ll be having, as well as the abilities of your wedding party will help you to narrow your options down.

3. Theme

Your venue will act as the backdrop for your day. If you’re choosing to have the entire day outdoors, you might want to let the scenery speak for itself, or add simple light touches of flowers or natural greenery to help your surroundings pop out even more. Adding subtle lighting can add warmth and coziness to an outdoor celebration. If you’re having part of your day indoors, you might want to bring elements of the outdoors in so that the flow of the day continues from start to finish.


4. Food

Outdoor weddings lend themselves to a wonderful array of street-style food and tasty nibbles. Checking with your venue what’s possible as part of your package and what elements you might need to consider hiring in is worth consideration. You might want to hire an ice cream truck, but your venue might be able to offer an al fresco cocktail bar, for example.

5.Cosy Guests

If your guests are going to be outdoors for long periods of time, it’s worth thinking about ways you can help make the day more enjoyable for them. Blankets to pop over their knees during the ceremony or having umbrellas available in case it rains are just two simple additions that could go a long way on the day.

If you’d like to discuss your outdoor wedding requirements with us, please get in touch today. We’d love to be part of your big day plans. Our humanist celebrants have been involved in all types of weddings so we like to think that no ask is too much!

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