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2020 Predictions

Newsflash!  We’re going to bet our bottom dollar that 2020’s most popular baby names list will DEFINITELY feature lots of cute christmassy names. From Noelle and Nicholas to Juniper and Joseph, you heard it here first.  This festive prediction comes in light of very recent events where thousands of bored couples up and down the country have been encouraged to self-isolate together in order to defeat coronavirus.  

When Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, intimated that she expected to see a huge surge in December births, it certainly got us thinking she was onto something.  Add to that the, ahem, “intimate products” industry reporting a massive boost in sales with some locked down country’s purchasing 135% more sex toys than in pre-coronavirus times, it seems almost inevitable that the end of 2020 will mark the beginning of a new generation of corona-babies!

So, what are these little bundles of joy likely to be called (aside from the aforementioned festive options)?  Well, up until the point where we were held captive by cover-19, predictions based on internet searches prompted us to believe that some brand-new baby names would FINALLY hit the top 100 baby names list, which has remained largely unchanged in recent years.  As a team of Baby Naming Celebrants, we are excited to see if the predictions will come to fruition!  

So without further ado, here are the new kids on the block (literally) that are set to be amongst the most popular baby names in the UK in 2020:

Bring on the Boys… 

Austin – English origin meaning great, magnificent 

Alva – Spanish origin meaning his highness

Acacius – Greek origin meaning innocence

Tate – English origin meaning cheerful

Diego – Spanish origin meaning supplanter

Easton – English origin meaning east-facing place

Lucius – Latin origin meaning light

Cash – English origin meaning hollow

Ash – English origin meaning ash tree

Luca – Italian origin meaning man from Lucania

Here Come the Girls…

Adah – Hebrew origin meaning ornament

Reese – Welsh origin meaning great enthusiasm and passion

Mika – Russian origin meaning beautiful fragrance

Paisley – Scottish origin meaning church or cemetery 

Amina – Arabic origin meaning trustworthy and faithful

Teagan – Irish origin meaning little poet or fair

Nova – Latin origin meaning light

Aura – Greek origin meaning soft breeze

Pearl – Latin origin meaning precious stone

Billie – English origin meaning resolute protection

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