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Did you know that almost forty percent of annual proposals occur between Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day?  So with ‘engagement season’ in full flow, thousands of couples will be taking their first tentative steps into the wonderful world of wedding planning. If this is your current reality then you’ll be more than aware that wedding planning is the ultimate emotional rollercoaster! One minute you’re crying with joy (cue the image of your maids and MoB seeing you in the dress for the first time), the next minute you’re all crying with sadness when you spot the price-tag! 

This scenario seems to roll out right across the wedding planning process, where the Pinterest dream continually collides with the boring old budget reality!  That said, there’s no wonder that the cost of UK weddings continues to creep up and up, to the point where the average big day now costs in excess of £30,000! 

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So, you’ve booked your venue, celebrant, photographer and even your dream doughnut wall, but as the costs rack up, have you given any thought to wedding insurance?  If the answer is no, then you’re definitely not alone as only thirteen percent of couples insure their big days. While wedding insurance is probably not the most exciting nor the first thing you think about when it comes to starting your wedding planning journey, there are many reasons why it’s important to consider whether wedding insurance is right for you.  Afterall, no matter how well you plan your big day, when the unexpected happens you want to be prepared.  Here’s everything you need to know:

What exactly is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance can help protect you against a range of unfortunate scenarios that are the result of damages, cancellations or injuries, which have a direct impact on your big day. 

Do we actually need wedding insurance?

Not every wedding is the size of a Justin & Hailey Bieber bash, so if you’re just planning a small shindig, then wedding insurance certainly isn’t a must, but for larger weddings, there’s no doubt that being covered will certainly put your mind at ease.  Any reputable wedding supplier should definitely have their own insurance cover, so before you plough on with finding the best policy to suit your requirements, it is worth taking the time to investigate exactly what your suppliers insurance covers as this might actually be all you require.

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What is covered by wedding insurance?

Like weddings themselves, every insurance policy is different so always check the small print; however, as a minimum the majority of policies will cover you if the following occurs: 

  • The venue cancels your wedding or goes bankrupt.
  • A supplier cancels or goes bankrupt.
  • A key person is unable to attend due to illness, accident or death.
  • Loss, theft or damage of wedding related items (rings, flowers, cake, gifts etc).
  • Photography or videography blunders. 
  • Personal liability & legal expenses.

What isn’t covered by wedding insurance?

There are a number of scenarios that the majority of insurance policies won’t cover, these are as follows:

  • Cancellation due to rain (unfortunately not considered extreme weather).
  • Switching suppliers after the deposit is paid.
  • If either the bride or groom gets cold feet and cancels.
  • Engagement ring cover.
  • Cancellation if a small part of the day goes wrong.
  • Cancellation due to financial difficulty, other than redundancy.
  • Pre-existing conditions that cause cancellation.
  • Firework displays

When should we buy wedding insurance?

It’s best to buy wedding insurance before you start paying deposits, that way, if the event is cancelled or a supplier backs out, all of your deposits are covered.  Most insurance companies will let you purchase insurance up to two years in advance of the big day.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

Wedding insurance policies start from as little as £19 for weddings worth £3000. 

What are the best wedding insurance deals at the moment?

We are in no way endorsed by any insurance providers, but we’ve scoured the internet and found the best deals of the moment so here goes:

Wedding value up to £10,000: £34.99 at Cover My Wedding

Wedding value up to £20,000:  £57.84 at Wedding Plan Insurance

Wedding value up to £30,000:  £73.62 at Wedding Plan Insurance

Wedding value up to £100,000:  £209.32 at Debenhams

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