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Emerging from the lock down


What will a post-pandemic wedding look like?

When all this is over, the world will be a very different place. Everything about daily life, from how we work and socialise to how we shop, will change in some way as we all embrace the new normal.

But it’s not just the everyday that will have to change; the bigger moments in everyone’s lives – the ones that live forever framed on walls and in memories – will change too. Weddings, or at least the way we’ve increasingly come to think of them, might change most of all.

Gone will be the days of huge events with hundreds of attendees; weddings in the future will have to be smaller affairs only attended by the very closest of friends and family. Remember – you only need the happy couple, the celebrant and two witnesses to make a marriage legal.

But while the weddings of the future may be smaller in attendance, you can make them bigger in meaning. This entire crisis has been a reminder of the importance of the wee moment – the value of the intimate and the personal – and your wedding is the perfect time to make those wee moments count.

Where will the wedding be held?

As venues move this year’s weddings to dates next year, they may be in shorter supply. You may have to look at alternatives, from village halls and rural barns to family homes and marquees in the garden. You might even look into an elopement – with or without a party at a later date.

Working with a celebrant who can personalise every aspect of your ceremony – and perform it practically anywhere in Scotland – gives you lots of options and makes sure the focus of the day is on you as a couple.

A newly-married couple stand overlooking the Old Man of Storr on Skye

What will the wedding day look like?

With so much uncertainty around jobs and the economy, cash is in shorter supply for a lot of people just now. As a result, wedding plans are being scaled back and budgets reconsidered. That doesn’t mean you have to cancel your wedding completely, but you will need to look at what’s important to you – and ditch the rest.

For a lot of people, that will mean a less formal wedding day. That could mean a later or midweek ceremony; a BBQ instead of a sit-down meal; or allowing guests to bring their own booze. With the world more complicated than ever, boil your wedding day down to what matters most to you and your partner. You might find its more about people and personal connections than things.

One thing that’s likely to be the same for every wedding is that the number of guests will have to be drastically cut. While a lot of people will see this as an opportunity to create a ceremony that’s more intimate and personal, it’s important that everyone that’s important to you gets to be a part of your big day.

Like every aspect of our lives now, this is where embracing technology can make a big difference. Live stream your wedding and have your guests join in the festivities; ask them to share their toasts and tears of joy virtually and even join in on a (socially-distant) dance and drink or two as the night goes on.

We’re developing a new platform that will make sharing your big day virtually easier than ever. Watch this space!

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What about planning the wedding?

As with everything in this post-pandemic world, staying safe when planning your big day means making the most of technology and limiting social contact. Use video calls to chat with suppliers; send e-invites to your guests; and limit your big day to only what’s important to you. Keep it simple, keep it local, and stay safe.

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Looking for more help?

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking at the best of times. With the changes brought on by the pandemic – not to mention the unpredictability of what comes next – you might feel your dream wedding is quickly turning into a nightmare.

Well, we’re here for you and we will do everything we can to make your day as personal, intimate and magical as you’ve always imagined.

Get in touch and find out how, even in the strange new world we all find ourselves in, we can work with you to create a smaller big day full of wee moments that will live forever in the memory.

Complete the form below, call us on 0800 014 8237 or email us on info@dev.fuzeceremonies.co.uk to see how we can help you.

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