Proud parents Brogan & Connor lovingly look at their daughter Livy – beautifully captured by good friend of Fuze Photos By Dawn

By Darren Handy, Fuze Celebrant

It was Sunday 3rd July 2022 and right from the first light of the day it glittered with pink sparkle in readiness for this very special Naming Ceremony for Livy Rae McMahon. As mum and dad Brogan and Connor got ready for what was lying ahead at The Quay in Dundee, they just knew that daughter Livy was about to take centre stage and steal every heart in the place – and they didn’t mind one bit!

I proudly stood tall and told Livy Rae’s story and celebrated her amazing milestones she has achieved so far and at such a young age! A special Gender Reveal and the brilliant “agree to disagree” name choice by mum and dad were just a few of the stories shared! Read more below.

5 special Guide Parents were present with a surprise 6th finding out during our Ceremony that they too were part of Livy’s guardian gang. Auntie Lennix wrote her promises and gave words of inspiration to help the other Guide Parents prepare theirs.

The meaning of Livy’s name is also special as it stands for Happiness and Peace…………………characteristics she most definitely has and will flourish in the future!

This Naming Day truly captured everything that is Family and the vibe and feeling around the perfectly wonderful Quay venue was one of love, support, friendship and aspirations for Livy’s future life! Just perfect.

The apple of her mum and dad’s eye

Photographer Dawn from Photos by Dawn said; “I like capturing unplanned and natural moments, so when when Livy’s auntie was surprised and asked to be her ‘guardian parent. Personal, happy moments like that make the best photographs. Darren makes the ceremony so unique and personal, it has everyone smiling!.”

Livy’s Journey Story

When I conducted Livy’s Naming Ceremony, I didn’t stand just as the Celebrant on this most wonderful of occasions but I also stood as official storyteller. So, without further ado, let me share the story of Livy Rae McMahon, taken direct from her ceremony script, and the wonderful imprint she has had on the world so far.

A Mother’s Intuition

They say a mother’s intuition is never wrong and this is where our story begins. Brogan knew she had fallen pregnant, even though several pregnancy tests would state otherwise. However, at five weeks, that one all-important test would prove to Brogan that her intuition was right all along. Brogan and Connor welcomed the news with love and excitement and began planning their journey, not just growing in strength as a couple but the happiness in that they were about to be parents.

The news was lovingly welcomed by Connor and Brogan’s parents too of course, albeit with a sense of shock and surprise (maybe an understatement in wording). And so, with their close family told, they spread the word to their closest friends and other loved ones.

The Summer of 2021 for many of us would see the world re-open with parties, barbecues and welcoming those we hadn’t seen for a long time. For Brogan and Connor, it was also a chance to tell their pals the exciting news

A friend’s birthday celebration, where a special quote would be given to Brogan’s best friend Raigen – “Only the best friends become Aunties” with Raigen being described as showing happy tears, shocked, surprised and maybe a little drunk.

As much as Brogan and Connor tried to keep the news to their other friends a secret for a little bit longer, a certain friend would spot Brogan’s non-alcoholic cider which resulted in the news being found out and lovingly welcomed. Brogan states the biggest challenge wasn’t keeping it a secret but watching all her pals enjoy a good few alcoholic beverages throughout the Summer of 2021, to which she admits she was massively jealous of.

Livy with Mum, Dad and very pround Guide Parents

The Big Reveal

And so, with the news being welcomed by everyone, their journey into pregnancy and parenthood would continue.

It was now time to do that all important gender reveal. Cue a celebration. A private Scan took place and confirmed the gender. Connor’s brother Cameron was then in charge of organising colour Canons to reveal a cloud of blue or pink which would announce what gender the baby was. However, Cameron was then convinced he had ordered Canon’s in both Blue and Pink, so the fear that his error was away to be revealed was making him sweat a little bit!

The scan also divided opinion in gender for Connor and Brogan, as a “specifically placed” umbilical cord would convince Brogan she was having a boy, whereas Connor remained 50/50 on gender. The parents remained competitive in their view right up to the Gender Reveal party, with Connor wearing pink attire and Brogan in blue. Brogan was so confident that she stated to Connor quite confidently “You are going to feel like a right Mug”. With party in full swing, it was time for the reveal. Connor and Brogan took a canon each…raised it to the sky…BANG …a cloud of pink would appear! Although Connor was right all along, the couple didn’t care as they now knew their little one was now on HER way.

Two Weeks Late

The due date was the 30th September, however baby had other ideas and was quite comfy in Mum’s tummy, so extended her stay for almost two weeks, even though she had also began to engage a wee while before this. Everyone, including the Midwife had stated they would be surprised if Brogan went full term…but again, baby had other ideas.

Fast forward almost a couple of weeks and Brogan knew labour had begun, but due to giving Connor a few false alarms prior to this, she didn’t actually want to tell him “the time was now”.

The parents-to-be also admit they probably weren’t the most organised as the hospital bag was still to be packed!!  The journey to the hospital would see contractions become 2 minutes apart with Connor convinced that this little girl was arriving in his Car………..we best not ask the speed limit that was driving !!!

Relief would appear as they finally arrived at the Hospital, but the obstacles continued. Connor and Brogan would begin by parking at the wrong part of the hospital!!! Once the right area was found, they discovered the lift was under construction, so a stair climb of two stories had to take place, meaning that by the time they arrived at the Ward, baby was 6cm dilated.

Livy’s Aunt Lennix (above top) was announced, on the day itself, as her 6th Guide Parent alongside Ellis, Murray, Charis, Justin and Cameron

Blending Of Names

So, after a little spell of Brogan contorting on an air mattress and 1hr 30mins in the pool for a water birth, Livy Rae McMahon would be born at 8.49am on the 12th of October 2021, weighing a healthy 8lb 8oz. A somewhat belated birthday present with Brogan’s birthday being the day before.

Livy’s name was chosen due to Connor and Brogan strongly disagreeing on certain other names.

Connor loved the name Olivia – Brogan hated it. Brogan loved the name Nelly – Connor strongly disagreed. But Olivia and Nelly merged together would create Livy. A name blended through a loving agreement/disagreement.

Our wonderful celebrant Darren Handy with the happy parents and Livy

Livy’s Personality and Character

Everyone present today will have their own loving and positive outlook on how they see our little lady of the moment. Some children take time, sometimes years to find their personality and voice. But from very early on, Livy has proven she has well and truly found these traits.

Livy’s Mum and Dad commented: “Livy is a wild child who has definitely found her voice. She is already trying to walk and evidently growls when she doesn’t get her own way. Livy never Cries and is the happiest baby ever.

Livy most definitely looks like Connor. Brogan carried Livy for 9months, looks like her dad and has Connor’s temperament too. A true mother daughter bond is well and truly established as Brogan takes Livy everywhere with her. Livy is thriving in nursery and is definitely continuing on a journey to prove her independence whilst also having a fabulous trait of being laid back.

So far Livy has 6 teeth already with more definitely on the way. At the moment Livy is trying to crawl but Mum states she is actually just going backwards in movement. She loves watching Dancing Fruit on YouTube and although she is a great sleeper, she doesn’t go to sleep without a blanket over her face…individuality at its best.

Livy will continue to show not just everyone around her, but the world who she is in the most amazing way, guided by the love and support of her parents and surrounding family and will no doubt achieve amazing and special milestones.

With this being said, let us now formally welcome her and celebrate her naming and the special and amazing presence she has in this world.

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