Abbie and Haaris can’t contain their ‘just married’ smiles, caught perfectly by Martin from McLellan Photography

By George McLean, Fuze Celebrant

When Abbie and Haaris asked me to be their celebrant it was an instant YES. Abbie’s mum and dad are close friends of my wife Alison and I, and we all went to school together, so I’ve known Abbie all of her life. Creating and delivering a ceremony for close friends is always that little bit extra special but Abbie, her sister Aimee and her mum and dad are more like family so it was even more special. In fact I also had the pleasure of conducting Aimee’s wedding ceremony in 2020 also.

your scottish weddingThey are a wonderful couple, so in love and their fusion of cultures were on display for everyone to see throughout their big day. To borrow a football term, it was a wedding of two halves as an evening costume change for the happy couple was to reveal the flip side of the cultures on display in the daytime. Simply perfect.

Their story is also featured in the latest edition of the Your Scottish Wedding magazine and featured on their online blog section. Click HERE to view their amazing feature.

Here’s Haaris and Abbie’s love story journey taken directly from their bespoke wedding ceremony script.

The Love Story

“Their story started back in 2015 where they unknowingly crossed paths at university. They were both accountancy students at Cally with Haaris in the year above Abbie. Back then Haaris did have some fame at Uni as the guy who wrote some amazing A class essays. Those essay’s ended up doing the rounds with Abbie ‘knowing the name’ but not yet the person behind the scenes, so to speak.

When uni was done and dusted they both coincidentally started an internship at the very romantic BNP Paribas Securities Services………and on the VERY SAME DAY no less. Of course I’m pretty sure they both didn’t think for a minute that their first day at work encounter would eventually lead to them becoming husband and wife!!!!

It wasn’t long before the pair had been placed into the same team together………AND sat next to each other also. Although they were eventually moved away from each other because of their persistent chatting. In other words they were told off like a couple of school kids in class!!!

father and daughter walk down the aisle

Abbie is safely escorted down the aisle to Haaris by Dad Craig

The Comedy Club Defining Moment

As their friendship grew, others started to tease them about how cute they looked together as a couple. They both laughed this off and Abbie sometimes also met these comments head on with her patented ‘Abbie eye roll’. Trust me that’s NOT TO BE MESSED WITH!!!!!

But a defining night to a comedy club show with their friends was to send Abbie into a sudden realisation that she might just have fallen for Haaris. And later whilst taking shelter from a thunderstorm in Thailand whilst on holiday had Haaris confessing to Furqan about his feelings for Abbie also.

wedding ceremony views

The happy couple’s love story journey is read to everyone as part of the ceremony

A Daytime First Date

Next was a first date ‘daytime date’ to Callander where their walk together lasted for hours but in each other’s blissful company only felt like minutes. A sentiment that was NOT shared by Angela who did not appreciate the lack of contact from Abbie, believing that she would be searching ditches and in fields for weeks to find her baby girl.

All was well in the end of course, that was until Haaris had to use the Mitchell ‘facilities’ upon dropping Abbie home. It was the quickest ‘pee break’ in history. In and out as fast as he could with a quick hello to his future in-laws in the passing.


Abbie and Haaris performed a wonderful sand blending symbolic gesture alongside their sisters Aimee and Samiha

The Proposal Question and Plan B

When the time came for the all-important proposal question from Haaris, they both headed to the Lake District where he had meticulously planned everything in advance. The plan of a lovely beautiful hot air balloon ride over the lakes with music and a poem ready to be recited as the sun would set in the background.

However, the infamous British weather had other ideas. The trip was postponed and with the pandemic effect, they still have the balloon ride voucher to redeem!!!

Not being much a plan B sort of guy, Haaris thought long and hard during the 2 hour drive and came up with the idea of proposing next to a stunning waterfall at the end of the walking trail they had picked out. So, armed with a tripod set up to capture the moment and despite his twitchiness and obvious nerves Abbie seemed oblivious to what was about to happen.

She was even shouting at him to stop being weird, and to hurry up and set the timer………but before she realised it Haaris had dropped to one knee and asked her to be his wife. It all worked out absolutely perfect and special for them both.

signing the marriage schedule

Haaris and Abbie choose both of their Mums Nasreen and Angela to be official witnesses on their wedding day

Travels and Milestones

As we all know the small matter of a worldwide pandemic had other ideas about Haaris and Abbie getting originally married in 2020 and following their second date also being cancelled we are here today, 3rd time lucky!

It’s not been all doom and gloom however, as that extra time has provided them with many extra adventures together, completing multiple Munros, exploring Scotland, going to plenty of gigs and festivals as well as enjoying holidays abroad……..well, back when that was a thing!

One of these trips in particular proved to be quite memorable, in Barcelona they enjoyed a great week in the sun before catching their train to the airport. Although ten minutes into the trip they realised that as the train was full of Spaniards they were going in the wrong direction and heading about 100mph towards Valencia instead.

A few mad dashes, google translate and lots of “mucho gracias’” later, they were back on track, spending the journey home discussing which one of them were to blame!

That’s still better than when the two went to Morocco and decided to drive a dune buggy up the Atlas Mountains. Haaris still remembers Abbie’s blood curdling scream as a pack of wild dogs started to chase them.

Tying the Knot with the Mitchell tartan and a piece of material that matched Haaris’ wedding day suit

More Adventures

And a moment together that Abbie is never allowed to forget is when they went out with their friends to a zombie room experience. The most memorable part was when everyone was forced into a small room only for a zombie to jump out from behind the wall. Abbie being closest to the door not only bolted, but made too sure to lock the door behind her leaving what is supposed to be the love of her life doomed.

I’m sure Haaris has chalked that one up for later Abbie!!!

Many milestones have been reached together. Being a partner is about being there for each other during those times. They’ve shared highlights in their careers, they have bought their own flat together in Glasgow and have become and aunty and uncle to Lucy and Erin……although if you were to ask them it would be aunty and aunty.

Read into that what you will Haaris!!

wedding first dance

An evening outfit swap for the Bride and Groom signalled a cultural change

first dance at wedding

As first dances go, Haaris and Abbie’s was pretty special

They bring out the best in each other, constantly pushing one another to pursue their goals and dreams, always at their happiest when seeing the other succeed.

They bring tranquillity, peace, kindness and love to each other on days when it’s needed. Our happy couple are indeed just that – HAPPY when it’s them!!

So that brings us right with Haaris and Abbie’s love story and I’m sure that you are as delighted as they are that we are here today to celebrate their marriage and the start of their next chapter of their journey together.

wedding family group pictures

wedding family group pictures

Two families blending together – above top: The Mitchell’s and  below – The Waheed’s

The who’s who of Haaris and Abbie’s Wedding:

Celebrant – George McLean
Venue – The Parsonage
Photographer – McLellan Photography
Videography – UG Videography
Dress – Bijoux Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses – Boohoo
Catering – Saffron Events UK
Cake – 3D Cakes
DJ – Krown Events
Flowers – Eclectic Bloom
Hair – Stephanie McKinaly at Lux
Make Up – Tina Kelly Beauty

No two couples are the same so no two ceremonies should be the same. At Fuze we work alongside our couples to make their ceremony script is unique, personal and bespoke. It’s your day your way with us, so let us add our smiles to yours. To check out George and all of our amazing celebrant’s live availability for your special date click here!

George McLean
Celebrant at Fuze Ceremonies

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