The need for brollies didn’t dampen Lauren and John’s spirits on their special day one bit

By Alex Paton, Fuze Celebrant

As soon as I met Lauren and John I knew how important it was to them both to have their ceremony outside and around nature – Roslin Glen provided the most perfect place and backdrop for their special day.

Rosslyn Chapel Trust is responsible for the conservation and care of part of the picturesque landscape known as Roslin Glen, which is adjacent to Rosslyn Castle and Rosslyn Chapel and contains the largest surviving stretch of ancient woodland in Midlothian and is a haven for all kinds of wildlife.

It was held on 22.02.22 at exactly 2.22pm lasting 22 mins.

Why? – It’s said that when the number 2 appears, it means to embrace your own inner peace, to have trust, to have faith and to let the energies of the universe guide you on the right path.  It’s also a symbol of balance, prosperity, teamwork, peace and harmony, but at its core, number 2 represents partnerships.

Laura and John’s personalities and characters were perfectly suited to the natural beauty of Roslin Glen which has attracted the interest of many writers and artists and was a particular favourite in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

This was a deliberate intimate affair with witnesses Kevin, John’s brother, and Erin, Lauren’s daughter, in attendance to help seal the deal.

Erin read lyrics from the song ‘Love Will Find You In The End’ by Daniel Johnson. The words really did sing to John and Lauren through lines like ‘true love will find you in the end’ and ‘Only if you’re looking can it find you, ’cause true love is searching too’.

It was a pleasure to have written and conducted their ceremony. Here’s an extract of their love story journey taken directly from their ceremony script itself.

The ceremony was fuelled and inspired by the magical outdoors – all caught perfectly by Sonja Blietschau Phoyography

The Love Story

Lauren and John met in the most romantic of places – no sorry – they actually met in Girdwoods in Wishy. A place they had both been countless times, but never together. Things have changed a lot since then, but this was over 4 years ago when Lauren fair enjoyed a wee drink and that night basically spent the evening badgering John every two minutes to have a drink also. She was a bit like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted – you know the ‘go on, go on, have a drink’ scene!!

To this day Lauren says that it’s still a mystery how John managed to survive the night listening to her, and all without him having a drink! John told me ‘aye it is a bit of a miracle’ but he had never laughed so much, so the badgering went pretty much unnoticed.

Meant To Be

Like the true Gentleman John is a few weeks later when he saw a post from Lauren on a local marketplace for an exercise bike, not being one to miss an opportunity he slid straight in to Lauren’s DM’s. To this day he argues that he genuinely had an exercise bike to give but Lauren knows better. Any excuse! The truth though, in Lauren’s words, is that the very second John sat next to her, as corny and as unlikely as it sounds she felt something in her life changed.

Romantically Aligned

It was like something aligned and as romantic as all that sounds Lauren’s first actual thought was, oh no, here we go! (haha)

Lauren had been single for a long time and was happier than ever and John had no intentions of meeting anyone at that time. However, the universe had other ideas. The more time they spent together, the more they laughed and the more it became obvious that they were actually the male and female version of exactly the same person.

So much so that many of their family and friends have independently said exactly the same very thing. There are still moments when it’s a wee bit freaky for the pair and causes much hilarity. And so Ginge and Lauz became one……..and here we are today.

A Beautifully Ridiculous Proposal

So, as there are only 4 guests here today, it’s safe to say you know that Lauren and John are anything but conventional. The word ridiculous is a term of endearment in their relationship and used often in the kindest way. It is also safe to say, in true Ginge and Lauz fashion the proposal story is ridiculous too. Beautifully ridiculous.

As you might be aware with today being TUESday the 22\02\22 and the ceremony beginning at 2.22, the 2s are very significant and hold great meaning to Lauren & John. These numbers have been special to them since the very start. This was partly why on 02\02\22 Lauren accidentally proposed. Yip, accidentally. I mean, that’s not to say that she didn’t want to, or hadn’t in fact planned to, including having already purchased the ring. The planned proposal was due to be the 22\02\2020.

BUT, long story short, and I mean a very long story, Lauren ended up having emergency surgery in what was a very stressful time for them both. On her discharge the Dr jokingly said; “remember you’ve had anaesthetic, no signing any legal paperwork or making any big or life-changing decisions.” Again, the universe had other ideas!!

So… after John accidentally found a message about his ring that Lauren had designed and commissioned, all because she was too groggy to read it and asked John to. There, in bed, in her huge paper pants that resembled a nappy, slurring slightly with some blurred vision and tears running down her cheeks cause it wasn’t the 22nd as she had planned, Lauren found herself asking John to “half marry” her, just in case he said no! And he did, he said absolutely NAW to half marrying her. It was all in or nothing he said.

After lots more tears, Lauren’s heart was filled again as John reminded her it was the 02\02\2020 and in fact the palindrome. A very special day indeed and so here we all  are together creating another very special day together on 22.02.22 – a day for ‘aye do’s’. Perfect!

Lauren and John with witnesses Erin and Kevin

The who’s who of Lauren and John’s  Wedding:

Celebrant – Alex Paton, Fuze Ceremonies
Venue – Roslin Glen, Midlothian
Photographer – Sonja Blietschau Photography

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Alex Paton,
Celebrant at Fuze Ceremonies

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