oran mor fuze ceremonies
Katie and Murray’s wedding day team, in all of their glory

By Paul Browett, Fuze Celebrant

Due to lockdown restrictions, my very first meeting with Katie and Murray was via video call. The pandemic had resulted in their wedding being postponed, and had also affected their morale, so I made it my own personal mission to get their wedding ‘mojo’ back!

It was clear to see that this couple were very much in love and desperate for their Big Day to happen, and it became quickly apparent that this wedding day was so much more than two people joining together in marriage, this was all about two families becoming one. Katie and Murray explained that they were desperate for the wedding to go ahead, so that Murray could legally become the adoptive father of the three children; Phobe, Nuala and Isaac.

It was important to this couple that the children played a huge role in the ceremony, after all they had also been the ones who had helped Murray pop the big question! As we planned the ceremony, I introduced the symbolic gesture of a handfasting, which not only symbolises ‘tying the knot’, but also as families coming together as one.

Each of the children chose their own personal ribbon, each one as unique and individual as their personalities, and these ribbons would be intertwined with the clan tartans of Katie and Murray’s family names…This five way handfasting was so powerful and such an emotional moment, therefore it was important to ensure the ceremony was balanced with both fun and emotion.

In telling their fun love story, with the addition of some beautiful readings and personal vows to one another, there were tears of laughter and tears of emotion all in the right places. This stunning ceremony in the beautiful backdrop of Oran Mor was certainly one to remember.

Shortly after the wedding, adoption was granted for the children who now officially join the McDowall Clan by name.

Pauline Muir, Wedding Coordinator at Oran Mor told us; “Katie and Murray had nothing less than a bumpy ride on their wedding journey, but the couple remained completely calm and optimistic throughout everything! With a fantastic team of suppliers and the hard work put in from our amazing team at Oran Mor the couple were finally married with the beaming smiles on their faces clearly showing just how much an incredible day they had!”

The Love Story

“So, friends and family, I’m sure that many of you here will know all about Katie and Murray’s history together, however, let’s all have a look back at how their journey started, how they fell in love, and how the couple got to this very spot today.

It was in 2018 where this love story began, and this couple first met in The Woods……no no, not in the forest, the bar named The Woods on Waterloo Street in Glasgow!

The memories of that night are a little bit hazy, as neither of the two can remember who ACTUALLY made the first move……… but they both do agree that it was love at first sight…….although admittedly their sight may have been hindered slightly with the beer goggles!

Needless to say,  these two hit it off straight away and a first date was soon arranged with Katie and Murray ending up getting on like a house on fire!

oran mor fuze ceremonies

Katie’s arrival caught to perfection by Bruce Mackenzie Photography

An Expensive Date

Romance quickly blossomed between these two, and they were soon inseparable from one another…..with Murray splashing the cash on a second date……..this was mainly due to the fact that on this date to Callendar, Katie accidentally locked the keys inside of Murray’s car!!! So with no way to get them out….they had to rack up a £70 taxi fare all the way home to Glasgow and back to get the spare keys!

And even then, that didn’t put either of them off in the slightest! In fact they were falling more in love each day, and it wasn’t long before they got serious about each other, leading to them meeting their close families.

Murray remembers meeting some of Katie’s extended family at her Uncle Martins 60th, at his house (which is located just at the opposite side of the botanic gardens for anyone who is looking for a party later tonight) and Murray recalls sitting wide eyed, as he watched the ever energetic Katie leading a conga of family members from the garden to the house…..a party trick that she has now displayed on several occasions!

And I’m sure we will all see this party trick again tonight! Murray knew right then, that this was definitely the family that he wanted to join on to….and not just join a conga, but as a partner for life.


They love spending time together on their adventures, and during their time together they have had so much fun learning about one another, and in particular, sharing in each others hobbies. Katie even managed to get Murray to join her on one of her favourite pastimes, hill climbing.

I’m sure that many of you here will agree that Conic Hill is in fact a little bump in the landscape compared to some of Scotland’s many climbs but Murray says to this day it was one of his greatest achievements climbing it! And it has to be said that Murray has not joined Katie on any hill climbs EVER SINCE!!!!

Katie did however, persuade Murray to partake in a number of pursuits more dangerous than hill climbing…..one of the most memorable being a treacherous zip slide over the River Clyde. Murray recalls being the first to enter the cage before it was elevated, and not realising that he would then be the last one to leave.

As the cage was suspended in the air and began to sway furiously from side to side, Murray’s white knuckles gripped to the cage for dear life….it was only afterwards that he admitted to Katie that he had a fear of heights!

The things you do for love, eh Murray?

Its a family affair during their incredible five way Hand Fasting symbolic gesture

The Proposal And The Kids

Every adventure they have together is spent collect everlasting memories and none more so than that of their proposal.

Murray had already stealthily planned his BIG QUESTION, and had kept it secret from absolutely everyone, apart from Isaac, Nuala and Phoebe. It’s actually a miracle that Katie didn’t find out as these three were BURSTING with excitement at what was planned.

Having embroiled the kids in the plan, Murray strategically bribed them with pizza – lots of pizza, as not to give away the surprise and had decided to spring the question on Katie when she returned home from work.

This would be the perfect opportunity to catch the unsuspecting Katie by surprise, that was until she rang the doorbell and ALL three of her children rushed to answer the door, opened it, let out a huge squeal of excitement and then slammed the door closed in her face!

Surprisingly Katie still wasn’t suspicious after this, and just as they finished munching on their pizza, at that moment Murray got down on one knee…… and as instructed by Nuala said;

‘Katie, love of my life…..will you marry me?’ – And of course, the answer was always going to be ‘Yes’.

What Today Means

And so, that brings us to this very moment today. For this couple, marriage not only means sharing the same surname, but also sharing in the challenges that life with face you with. It’s never being too old to hold hands.. It is standing together and facing the world. It’s remembering to say I love you every single day.

A good marriage must be created, and in a marriage, the little things ARE the big things. For this couple, their relationship is filled with fun, laughter and by the sounds of things, an unhealthy addiction to pizza. Everything they will encounter in life, they will encounter it together, side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart.”


oran mor fuze ceremonies

Why walk back up the aisle when you can dance back up, Katie and Murray style of course!

Isn’t It Funny – A Wedding Poem

To conclude and on the subject of love, I then invited Katie’s sister Ruth to share with us a poem entitled ‘Isn’t It Funny’, written by Ms Moem, which perfectly epitomises what love is and what Katie and Murray are as a couple;

Isn’t it funny,
Isn’t it strange,
When I met you
Then everything changed.

Isn’t it lovely;
Since this all began
I’ve been your lady
And you’ve been my man.

Isn’t it wonderful,
Honest and pure,
I searched for so long;
I need search no more.

Isn’t it thrilling,
Isn’t it sweet.
We met one another
And now we’re complete.

Isn’t it funny.
Isn’t it strange.
As soon as we met
Then everything changed.

Isn’t It Funny is a short wedding poem by English poet, Ms Moem

oran mor fuze ceremonies

Just look at the sisterly love in Ruth’s eyes as she recites the perfect poem to the happy couple

The who’s who of Katie and Murray’s Oran Mor Wedding:

Celebrant – Paul Browett, Fuze Ceremonies
Venue – Oran Mor, Glasgow
Photographer – Bruce MacKenzie Photography
Live Stream – We stream It
Dress – Alicia’s Bridal Prestwick
Alterations – Rule 4 Boutique
Dressing – Wedding Day Dressing
Flower Girl Dresses – UK Flower Girl Boutique
Kilts – Macgregor & Macduff
Hair – Verdi Femme
Tan/Nails/lash – Fingertips Salon
Makeup – Gillian Allinson
Piper – Jonny Graham
Flowers – Angel K Silk Weddings
Car – Bothwell Bridal Cars
Welcome Signage – Print it Pretty
Table Signage – Birdhouse 
Favours – McLeans Gin 
Cake – Cloud 9 Cake Centre
Decor – Make Believe Events
Music – Glasgow Piano Man / David Duffy

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Paul Browett
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