dalduff farm wedding
The joy and happiness is clearly on show as Lauren & Steven get ready to ‘tie the knot’ – caught beautifully by good friend of Fuze Daniel Mainland Photography

By Neil McKenzie, Fuze Celebrant

It was my absolutely joy to conduct the wedding of Steven and Lauren. While it is always a pleasure, of course, to marry any couple, I knew this couple slightly better than most…….as Lauren is my step-sister!

It was great to not only work with them to shape the ceremony but enjoy the day itself with their fantastic friends and our family.

This relaxed and easy-going couple picked the perfect venue for them – Dalduff Farm in Maybole. Dalduff is a venue where you just instantly relax as soon as you see it. Throughout its different spaces, it creates such a great atmosphere – so chilled and cool! It’s hidden from view in the stunning Ayrshire countryside and is purpose-built to offer couples a unique setting for tying the knot.

Photographer Daniel Mainland said; “Lauren and Steven are a fantastic couple and I had such a lovely day with them at one of my favourite venues. Their styling of Dulduff Farm was gorgeous and a dream to photograph.”

A spectacular engagement photo shoot took place before their big day at Balloch Castle and on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond

The Love Story

Here’s Lauren and Steven’s love story journey taken direct from their wedding day ceremony script.

First encounter

“It was over 11 years ago, aged just 16 and 18, that Steven and Lauren first met at a mutual friend’s house party. They got talking and after the party added each other on MSN and Bebo – the original social media groups for those of you of a certain vintage! A month or so passed and they met up again at another party!

Steven certainly knew he fancied her and they shared a first kiss! Ever the romantic, shortly after this party Steven invited Lauren round to watch One Tree Hill!

Lauren’s is proudly walked down the aisle by her Dad and Step-Dad

Similarities and differences

They became an official item soon after and there time together ever since has been seamless and natural. They put this down to having very similar personalities. You might have noticed but both are very chilled out. They don’t take things or themselves too seriously and enjoy a very similar sense of humour. This can be summed up when Lauren remarked on how she hated tank tops. Of course, on their next date Steven turns up wearing a tank top! So on their next date to get even, Lauren wore a Rangers top!

In terms of differences, there aren’t many. Steven is braver when it comes to adrenaline activities. Steven is the type of person to go on a rollercoaster, while Lauren holds the jackets!

Handfasting is a traditional Scottish symbolic gesture and where the phrase tying the knot came from

A love of travelling

They both attended the same uni – Glasgow Caledonian. As a result, they started sharing a flat in Linwood. They graduated at the same time and celebrated by taking a year out in Australia. They not only had the best time of their lives there but also the best tan! The favourite part of the adventure was hiring a campervan to travel the East Coast of Australia. They snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef, met Kangaroo’s and Dingo’s, took lots of boat trips and swam in the clearest of water. If that wasn’t enough, they also managed to evade bites and stings from Australia’s creepy crawlies.

Australia was just the start for this pair of explorers – they have since been to New Zealand, Bali, Cambodia and Vietnam to name just a few

Settling down

After returning back to Scotland from Australia, they moved in with Lauren’s mum and stepdad to help save up for a place of their own. And sure enough, Steven and Lauren moved into their new house on Christmas Eve 2019. They have recently added to their family with adorable dog, Margot! This is the other lady in Steven’s life. Steven and Lauren had been talking about getting a dog for simply ages. Steven had his heart set on a Rottweiler but somehow Lauren managed to persuade him to adopt a little Lurcher! Despite his reservations that Margot wasn’t a Rottweiler, Steven has absolutely fallen in love with her and unfortunately for Lauren, Steven is definitely Margot’s favourite.

The important legal signing part and the final act of sharing their first legal drink together from the Quaich

The proposal

So Steven and Lauren continued to go from strength to strength and it was probably no surprise to any of you when Steven proposed. Steven picked one of their most loved places in the world – Glencoe! He booked up to stay at a pub they had been to before and loved. When they got there, they went out for a walk and had his heart set on proposing by the nearby bridge with picturesque surroundings.

Steven was so nervous. As he became more edgy, Lauren became more impatient. She knew what was happening and given it was starting to rain and she doesn’t like too much fuss, Lauren was ready for Steven to say those words! And of course, he did….eventually! and Lauren delightfully accepted. And here we are today!

Looking to the future, they are of course settled in their home, with Margot and both happy in their jobs. The biggest thing for Steven is to stop Lauren bringing home a dog every day! They look forward to continuing to explore different part of Scotland and making more memories as husband and wife.”


The who’s who of Lauren and Steven’s  Wedding:

Celebrant – Neil McKenzie, Fuze Ceremonies
Venue – Dalduff Farm
Photographer – Daniel Mainland Photography
Dress – Bijoux Bridal
Kilts – Slanj Kilts
Flowers – Hillside Studio
Make up – Shannon O’Neil 
Hair – Kirsty Thompson
Floral Hoop – Little Helium Heads
Magician – Michael Neto

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Neil McKenzie,
Celebrant at Fuze Ceremonies

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