Mary and Jim seal the deal with their first kiss moment- caught beautifully by Willow and Wilde Photography

By Evelyn Roberston, Fuze Celebrant

It was my absolutely joy to conduct my fellow celebrant Mary and her new husband Jim’s wedding ceremony at the wonderful Corinthian Club in Glasgow. I worked closely with Jim, Mary and her children to compose a unique ceremony allowing them all to take part in this very special day.

Their ceremony was so bespoke and personal and for the most part I handed over to the able kids, who entertained the guests with lovely readings, stories and memories of their Mum and Jim. This was such a beautiful way of involving everyone in the ceremony and demonstrated a close loving family unit enjoying a very special day. It was 100% their day and certainly their way. My part was the legalities where Mary and Jim made their declaration to each other, signed the all important marriage schedule alongside their witnesses and then watch the children conclude proceedings with more loving tributes.

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Mary is lovingly walked down the aisle and handed over to Jim but her son Leo

Their story is also featured on the Your Scottish Wedding website blog section as well as featured in print also earlier this year.

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I’d like to share extracts from Jim and Mary’s ceremony script as read by Molly, Livi, Leo and Rosie.




Words from Livi

Hi I’m Livi – Jim & Mum would firstly like to take a moment at this point in the ceremony to remember absent loved ones who for their own reasons cannot be with us
but are in our hearts and thoughts throughout this day. They will now light two separate candles and then one unity candle to be left burning for the duration of the ceremony.

We would like to give a special mention to Annie, Jim’s mum, and of course who we all know as Granny Annie. We know you are watching at home, and although we are so sad you cannot be here with us today, please know you are very much in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Words from Leo

And of course, you, friends and family – we hope all of you enjoy this special day; a date I’m sure you have been looking forward to for several months now and I hope it will remain a wonderful memory for many years to come as you all play an important part witnessing the commitment Jim & Mum are making to each other in the presence of you the family they love and friends, whose friendship they cherish.

They thank you for all the love, support and help offered over the years and for all the help and support still to come as they enter into the next stage of their relationship.

Words from Molly

Hi I’m Molly. I’m sure you are all very aware that Mum and Jim love nothing more than going to a show and indulging their mutual love of musical theatre. We are now going to listen to our amazing gospel choir sing a song from a favourite musical of theirs Dear Evan Hansen called You Will Be Found:

Love is a short word that is easy to spell,  hard to define, and impossible to live without,  it is despite all of our differences what we all share, and no matter who we are where we have come from or what we believe we know this one thing; love is what we are doing right.

That is why Jim & Mum are standing here today. That is why you are all here to witness it, we have all loved in our lifetimes, and in this moment, we are reminded that the ability to love is the very best part of our life. Marriage is a journey not a destination  it’s two people, hand in hand walking the path of life,  sharing their love and working hard at what they need and on what they already have.

It’s a challenging adventure of two people who trust the love they have found and sharing this love and friendship for the rest of their lives. No ceremony can create a marriage; only you can do that, through love and patience dedication and perseverance; through talking and listening, helping and supporting and believing in each other through tenderness and laughter; learning to forgive and appreciate your differences, and by learning to make the important things matter and let go of the rest.


Words from Rosie

All of us here today have our own love stories; some are short, others long; some are yet unwritten while others are just getting to the good part. There are chapters in all of our stories that are sad or disappointing and others that are exciting and full of adventure. So, Jim & Mum have written their love story to date but let’s go right back to when they first met.

The Love Story

I’m sure all of you know that Mum was an optometrist working hard in her own practice and meeting some very lovely people along the way. Some of those lovely people were the Johnston family, and I know Mum used to look forward to them coming in to get their eyes tested because they were so much fun to talk to. You know how much my mum loves to talk!

Anyway, Jim and mum used to share stories of holidays to Florida where unbelievably both families owned timeshares in not only the same place – The Marriott Grande Vista in Orlando, but amazingly in the same building, although both families were never there at the same time. Jim would tell Mum about different things they had done while they were there, and next time we went, Mum would say, let’s go and do that because Jim and his family said it was great.

Mum and Jim enjoyed weekly badminton games together and regular coffees, and undoubtedly cake together. Friendship easily blossomed into love and I know both of them felt so lucky in their lives to have found a special person to share life’s journey with.

Their first date took them to Café Gandolfi on Jim’s 58th birthday and their love of good food and eating out is still something they both really enjoy. The fact that they are always starting a diet is evidence enough of this being a passion of theirs.

I know initially mum loved the great big bear hugs that Jim gave her, making her feel safe and protected. Jim told me that he was initially so drawn to Mum’s loving and comforting nature. They both shared a passion for travel and discovering new places and their travels have taken them far and wide, with hopefully many more adventures still to come. Fingers crossed they get to go on their much-anticipated trip to New York for their honeymoon at the end of the year.

More than anything though, what they love most is the fun and laughter they share together. Mum says sometimes she laughs so much she has tears running down her legs! She is 51 after all!

Family and friends are everything to these two and we have all been so happy and inspired by their love for each other. I’m pretty amazed at Mum’s tolerance for Jim’s snoring and at Jim’s patience for having four loud teens and tweens in the house, and sometimes all of our friends. I’m sure you can imagine it gets pretty noisy at times! Overall, I’m sure you will all agree that Mum and Jim compliment each other perfectly and their love story shows that the love between them is easy and flows with abundance and joy.


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Evelyn Robertson,
Celebrant at Fuze Ceremonies

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