Caitlin and Callum’s smiles say it all following their humanist wedding ceremony – captured perfectly by Daniel Mainland Photography

By George McLean, Fuze Celebrant

When You Get To Conduct Your Daughter’s Wedding Ceremony

Well to say this was an honour is very much an understatement. I’m so proud to be amongst an elite number of people who has conducting their own child’s wedding ceremony, let alone spend the prep morning with them, travel in the wedding car with them, walk them down the aisle, recite a father for the bride speech to them and dance the daddy-daughter dance with them. Truly special.

The all important aisle walk and handover moment

Writing and telling Caitlin and Callum’s love story was a joy, as was seeing their reactions as the secret surprises my wife Alison and I had organised for them during their special day, were revealed one by one. Pipers at home and at the venue; the magician show for Callum and the awaiting guests; the ‘Love Actually’ balcony choir reveal at the end the ceremony; the appearance of Mickey & Minnie mouse during the group photo on the stairs; and the very cool sax player who took the roof off to close the day out.

Not forgetting the surprise Santa appearance and feather dancing girls show that Caitlin and Callum had arrange. With all that mixed together, and add in Xmas of course, it really was a jam packed day of colour, noise and overall deep joy.

Cameron Young Magician kept Callum entertained before Caitlin’s arrival

First Look

It’s an increasing trend for couples to have a ‘first look’ moment before the ceremony begins. It can calm nerves, ease stress and generally put the couple at ease with one another to help them soak up and enjoy the ceremony part of their day even more. As with many wedding traditions, it wont be for everyone but for Caitlin and Callum they wanted this moment and it really suited them a s a couple.


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Journey As A Couple

And so, to Caitlin and Callum’s love story journey that has brought them here today which starts back in 2016 in the very romantic setting of the golden arches in Coatbridge, McDonald’s………and they’ve been McLovin each other ever since!!!

They became great friends and even started swapping shifts to be with each other. This is when the label of “seeing” was put on their relationship. 

Callum even joined Caitlin’s gym so they could be together, they spent loads of time at Strathy ‘Pokémon Hunting’ and spent many a night together “up that Hush”, the premier nightclub in Coatbridge, where they shared their first ever kiss!! 

First Date

On their first real date Callum took Caitlin for Italian food then drinks in the Merchant City. Little did they know the restaurant they ate in was on the same street as their future wedding venue!

They finally then became boyfriend and girlfriend on the 18th of December 2016, 6 years ago exactly today.

During those 6 years they have made some wonderful memories together, particularly during their travels.

There was the one where Caitlin introduced Callum to the McLean obsession and love for Disney and Florida where they enjoyed their first meeting with another wonderful couple, Mickey and Minnie.

There was the one where Caitlin surprised Callum for his 21st with a trip to London. This fulfilled Callum’s love, and obsession with the hit stage show Hamilton, and he was NOT throwing away his ‘shot’ to see it live on stage, and Caitlin soon becoming the ‘4th Skyler sister’ in Callum’s life and making it BOTH their favourite musical. 

There was the one where Caitlin celebrated her 21st with Callum, her family and friends by swimming with Dolphins in Florida, topped off by Callum’s birthday gift of a future trip together to Rome.

There was the one where they both enjoyed being tourists on that Rome trip and tried to recreate a moment from ‘The Little Mermaid’ film where the handsome prince woos the young princess on a romantic boat trip. BUT Callum ‘froze’ as a seagull sat directly behind him, leaving Caitlin to be the one to save the day and ‘shoo’ it away! So, it was Caitlin who ended up being Callum’s Knight in Shining Armour, saving her Damsel in Distress!! 

There were the many one’s where they’ve enjoyed weekends away with their “troops” for the famous ‘log cabin’ boozy hot tub and swimming in the loch events, but we believe on the last occasion the noise Police were called out, but let’s say no more about that one!!

The Proposal

And there’s the one where they got engaged. Callum’s engagement proposal for Caitlin took place on a trip to Paris, the city of love. He had the perfect ring, and even hired a French photographer to secretly capture the engagement moment. He then convinced Caitlin to wake up very early the first morning to see the Eiffel Tower at sunrise, but it was really to ‘pop the question’.

Before she knew what was happening, and with the stunning Eiffel Tower backdrop, Caitlin saw Callum get down on one knee, profess his love for her then asked for her to be his wife!! 

The answer was of course YES!

After a few happy tears, they enjoyed an hour-long photoshoot submerged in a proper “engagement bubble”, with no phones, no distractions, just them looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands, and smiling. 

A lovely kerbside breakfast in a fancy French café was to follow where they enjoyed good food and the stunning Parisian views all around them. It was all so perfect.

And the day was topped off with some unforgettable magic with a day trip to Disneyland Paris, helping them to further celebrate their sunrise engagement even more!!

The wedding planning circuit was next, where they found this beautiful venue we are all in today to help celebrate their union in marriage.

And our happy couple have recently become homeowners and moved into their first house together. They are now so excited about building a home and future as the new Mr & Mrs Phee.

Caitlin & Callum’s Wedding 18th Decemberr 2022:

Celebrant – George McLean, Fuze Ceremonies

Photos – Daniel Mainland Photography

Video – Media Images Videography

Cars – Enchanted Limousines

Venue – The Corinthian Club, Glasgow

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