Caitlin and Jono’s smiles say it all following their humanist wedding ceremony – captured perfectly by Gary James Photography

By George McLean, Fuze Celebrant

How It All Began

Caitlin and Jono’s story begins 9 years ago during a summer working holiday in Malia. It was our groom who played ‘knight in shining armour’ to his future wife – he just didn’t know that part at the time. Caitlin and her friends were working at a beach bar when Jono and his friends arrived just as they were getting fired. They got talking, and before they knew it, Jono offered them jobs at the bar where they were working. 

It was to be the start of the classic summer holiday romance which all kicked off with a first date to an abandoned port, jumping off the rocks into the sea and included beers, pizza, playing pool, and topped off by watching TOWIE at Jono’s. Jono’s TOWIE obsession was fuelled by his own appearance as an ‘extra’ one time on the show.

Back Home

It was soon time to travel back home, bringing their summer romance to an end, BUT they both knew that being apart just wasn’t an option. So, a little while later, Jono took matters into his own hands, booked a cheap flight to Scotland, and basically never left!! I guess, as they say, the rest is history, as a one week became two, two weeks became a month and so on. 

Caitlin continued her studies at Uni whilst Jono fuelled his adventurous side by swinging through the trees at Go Ape in Aberfoyle, swearing blind to Caitlin he was really working there! Caitlin was so scared to tell her mum that her and Jono were “living in sin”, so she told Veronica a wee white lie about a friend going overseas for 12 months and giving them their place to stay for free……….an offer too good to be true, that I’m pretty sure Veronica seen right through!

It really is fair to say that both Caitlin and Jono’s loved ones have, from the very start, welcomed each of them into their families with love and open arms. They’ve supported their summer romance to their Australian dream, and everything in between including today of course.

It was fun, love and laughter throughout Jono and Caitlin’s bespoke humanist wedding ceremony

Following Their Dream

That Australian dream started when they left to travel to Thailand, Cambodia and Australia for a year in 2017. They love travelling together and have also managed visits to Paris, Singapore, Dubai and New Zealand. But it’s been their 5-year Oz adventures so far that have caught their imagination causing them to lay down roots on the Gold Coast. In some ways, arranging their wedding from thousands of miles away has been easy with their day jobs in marketing, events, and tour planning playing a healthy part.


Caitlin and Jono’s story also feature on the Tie The Knot Scotland website



Caitlin’s brother’s Aiden and Martin (above) read wedding day poems during the ceremony

The Proposal

Jono was soon thinking about his engagement proposal to Caitlin and had big ideas for it to happen during their initial one year working adventure trip. He had the ring and wanted to propose on Christmas Day in Thailand. The romance soon faded for that idea though, mostly down to their 18-bed hostel room and consumption of vodka red bull buckets. Somehow it just didn’t feel right!!

BUT Jono was to then hold onto that all-important ring and carry it on every holiday for a FURTHER 3 YEARS as he searched for the right and most perfect location and moment to pop the question!!

A holiday trip to the Amalfi Coast whilst on route home to surprise Veronica at her 50th birthday celebrations was to provide Jono with the perfect setting. Jono snuck off to arrange a private sunset boat trip with Caitlin none the wiser about what was about to happen. He called Chick for permission who was over the moon but asked Jono if he could hold off until they got to the local pub, but after he heard the plans he gave the thumbs up.

She Said Yes

So, as the sun was setting during their Positano, Amalfi Coast boat trip, Jono finally found his moment, dropped to one knee and asked Caitlin to become his wife. They done many amazing things whilst living out in Australia such as skydiving, hot air ballooning, swimming with whales and even sharks, BUT the adrenaline and rush from that engagement moment beat them all. It was just perfect! 

Of course, today, their wedding day, is about challenge that as the best, or maybe equal best eh! It really does mean the absolute world to them both to have all of you here today to share their special day with them as they become Mr & Mrs Olejnik. 


Caitlin’s brother Aidan read:

Your big day is finally here, 

My dear and lovely sis. 

For this is something special, 

I surely would not miss. 

It is an honour and a privilege

To be standing by your side. 

I am proud to say my sister 

Is the beautiful blushing bride. 

You have been a huge part of my life, 

And now I stand beside you 

As you become a wife. 

I wish you a life full of 

Happiness, love and more. 

Best of luck to you 

And the man whom you adore.



Caitlin’s brother Martin also read:

You’re surrounded by your loved ones 

And all are wishing you well

As you create a brand-new chapter in the story that’s yours to tell.

We talk about the memories 

You have yet to make together

And the moments you’ve already shared to be carried with you forever. 

But take the time to live today 

As your marriage begins 

Look around and soak it up: the moment we are in. 

For this is where the magic starts 

When you say your vows. 

You pledge to spend your lives as one 

Because of the love you feel now. 

So yes, here’s to a future that is bright and warm and clear 

But more than that, here’s to right now, and what it means to be here.



The guests were entertained fully by flower men Peter and Daniel’s aisle entrance

Taking a shot, then tying the knot


Caitlin & Jono’s  Wedding 23rd September 2022:

Celebrant – George McLean, Fuze Ceremonies

Photos – Gary James Photography

Venue – Crutherland House Hotel

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