Andrew and Jackie light their Weddoween unity candles

By John Leo Scott, Fuze Celebrant

Jackie and Andrew are a couple who don’t take life too seriously and are always up for a laugh. Their wedding day was a planned Halloween affair at the stunning Bowfield Hotel & Country Club in Johnston. The Bowfield, part of the Manorview Hotel Group, were absolutely delighted to host their creative festival of colour.

At the ceremony planning meeting I introduced the unity candle symbolic gesture, which completely resonated with Jackie and Andrew’s personalities. They also wanted to add their favourite movie, HOCUS POCUS, into the mix hence their special day naturally turned into a Weddoween of fun, laughter and love in abundance.

The ceremony and its splashes of laughter really highlighted what they were all about. They perfectly dressed the ceremony room to match their Halloween theme which was topped off with little pumpkin candles spaced out in the atmospheric window alcoves.

Kirsten and Elisha, from the Bowfield Wedding Team commented; “Jackie and Andrew were an absolute dream to plan their special day with! They were such a super fun couple and bounced off each other so well whenever we met with them. We couldn’t wait for their Halloween themed wedding to come around and we are over the moon they had such a fantastic day celebrating.”


Jackie and Andrew’s Halloween wedding also features on ‘friend’s of Fuze’, the Your Scottish Wedding website.

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wedding bowfield john clark photos

Jackie and Andrew pictured perfectly by friend of Fuze John Clark Photography

The Love Story

Let me now share my Weddoween couple’s love story direct from their personally written and bespoke ceremony script.

“Some of you may already know Jackie and Andrew’s story, however it is their own love story, and unique to them. It reminds them of that moment when they first set eyes on each other’s profiles, swiped in the right direction and …BANG.

As I alluded to earlier, they met on Tinder, although they both maintain it was an accidental swipe right, that found them dropping into each other’s in box. Obviously, I’ve not much of an idea about digital dating, still I do know that when tinder couples meet up, they aren’t really interested in exchanging long drawn out semi-interesting conversations.

Jackie and Andrew went through the standard safety protocol just to make sure they weren’t meeting up with a 75-year-old, long toothed, wizened Halloween guiser.

The First Date

Thankfully when they set eyes on each other they were both quite relieved to see their respective handsome human had good looks and substantial splash of laughter. They got on really well and had their alleged first tinder date to McDonalds, which turned out to be sensational.

They both agreed this first date was so much better than they expected and organised to do the exact same thing the following week. They could hardly believe how much PASSION had gone into this otherwise fairly tasteless meal and agreed they had to do this again as soon as possible. The next tasty date followed and yet again they both experienced this insatiable appetite for each other. OOPS, I meant burgers.

Fuze Bowfield Wedding Aisle

There’s something so special about Jackie’s look here

They’d both definitely lit a fire in each other and that’s when Jackie realised, she had a problem. These dates with Andrew normally had a cover story to appease her protective brother and family.  Jennifer Lynch may already know this, but the first sex (oops SIX) weeks of them being together, Jackie had an excuse that she was off out with her great friend Jennifer.  It wasn’t until Paul confronted her and asked her straight out “You’re not going to see Jennifer are you”? NOPE Jennifer actually is Andrew.

These six weeks were like a complete whirlwind. Spending time with each other and practically talking every day, made them both realise they were right into each other. In fact they’d fallen in love. Nevertheless, there’s falling in love and then there’s three words that come with it.  I asked Jackie who said it first. She replied I kind of said it… sitting in a taxi on route to a concert at the O2, she said to Andrew “I really like you”, Andrew’s reply was priceless “Just …LIKE”? It’s like they’d both said it in a really roundabout way.

Before this wee taxi ride conversation, Andrew, just like Hansel and Gretel had already started to lay crumbs down for Jackie to pick up.  Each morsel was a music track that he liked, which also had a meaning. With every suggestion it was taking Jackie on a journey that would ultimately end in his admission of love… AWE! Once it happens, it really happens and even though you feel it, it’s completely different when you say it, and they were both dying to say it.

Holidays and Family

A wee holiday to the Caravan gave them the perfect opportunity. Jackie met Andrews lovely and very welcoming family which was so comforting to know that Andrew was a real family man. Still, there was an awkward moment when Jackie was introduced by Jenny to his family, as Andrews … friend.

This trip heightened how they felt about each other and with Auntie Jenny giving them a wee loan of her soft top, they cruised around, hair blowing in the wind all day, occasionally mentioning “this would be a good time to say it” It wasn’t till they got back to the caravan, turned in for the night, jumped into their twin beds that those sacred words would be spoken. Just not quite yet, as both slung their arms out their cute wee twin beds, not a double, cos Nana was there, and Jackie traced “I love you” on Andrew’s arm. This was the moment everything changed. Jennifer was now officially with Andrew, and their relationship was announced on facebook.

fuze bowfield john clark

Andrew’s smile says it all as John tells the happy couple’s love story journey

It happened so rapidly, Jackie couldn’t really take it in, thinking this is far too good to be true and almost doubted they had a future together. It wasn’t till she had a few words with her wise friends on holiday in Spain she realised tracing those three words on his arm wasn’t enough and she had to tell him face to face. The 14th of May 2016 was that day.

When I sat with Jackie and Andrew, it was clear they were a pair of complete jokers, and I absolutely loved listening to them wax lyrical about their relationship.  I shared in their humour which was incredibly special, obviously they shared some stories which didn’t make the edit and I’m sure most of their closest friends will know what I’m talking about. It’s like the McDonalds wasn’t really a McDonalds.

Moving In

October 13th Jackie moved into her own flat, which meant Andrew needed a drawer, toothbrush and most importantly his XBOX. It was so funny how Andrew timed his moving in date the same day as the WIFI install. It was clear how much he absolutely loved her, establishing early on that Jackie would be sharing this relationship with Andrew’s XBOX and his online gaming buddies.

A couple of years later, March 2018, they bought their first home together and rescued the cutest loveliest wee furry four-legged Patterdale/whippet cross with the best doggie name ever…  Dave.  They absolutely love him to bits but did remind me to say if you mention Dave, please mention Oscar our other furry four-legged feline friend who is the boss of the house.

john clark bowfield fuze weddoween

John gets ready to introduce the new Mr & Mrs Greig as the Weddoween newlyweds

The Proposal

My next question was obviously, THE engagement.  We laughed all the way through our meeting as Jackie and Andrew incorrectly recalled memorable dates and locations. That’s why they use Facebook, so they can fact check their lives.  Anyway, they got engaged at the Bellagio on Vegas. No they didn’t it was at the venetian. Andrew had organised two things for the one day.  First was the engagement and the second was to meet his Auntie Margaret and son who just so happened to be there on their last night, which coincided with Jackie and Andrews first night. Not sure how Andrew pulled this off.

This is why they went to Cesar’s palace, NOPE the venetian.

Arriving at the beautiful Venetian, cherubs painted on the ceiling, it was like a modern-day Saint Peters in Rome, but with slot machines. Andrew knew this was the moment, organised a couple to take a photo of them in the entrance, and as Jackie put her arm around Andrew’s waist then realised there’s nothing there, looked down and there he is down on one knee.

If you know Vegas and these hotel lobbies, you know they are absolutely enormous, it was hard to believe as the bustling crowd clapped Andrews proposal, Auntie Margaret jubilantly trotted through OMG OMG and congratulated them.”

The who’s who of Jackie and Andrew’s Weddoween Wedding

Celebrant – John Leo Scott, Fuze Ceremonies
Venue – The Bowfield Country Club & Spa
Photographer – John Clark Photography
Videographer – TR Media
Dress – Wed2be
Bridesmaid dresses – Davids Bridal
Kilts – Macgregor & Macduff 
Flowers – Marlene’s Flowers
Cake – Special Days Cakes

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Celebrant at Fuze Ceremonies

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