Michelle & Jamie look the picture of confetti love, captured perfectly by Neil Jarvie Photography

By Evelyn Robertson, Fuze Celebrant

Before their ceremony I asked Jamie & Michelle to tell me  how their love story started and they took me back in time to September 2015! Their love story began as many do these days, with a mutual swipe right on Tinder! After chatting for a week or two, a date was set to be enjoy in Paradise Palms, in Edinburgh – specifically chosen by Jamie because he thought it was suitably hipster enough for Michelle. They arranged to meet at Waverley station and Jamie still remembers the exact moment Michelle approached him as she got off the train and smiled. He told me he couldn’t believe that Michelle was even more beautiful than the photos he had seen of her.

The group shoot captures all the love and joy from Jamie and Michelle’s special day

The First Date

Michelle, she remembers having a bit of dutch courage in the house with her Granny beforehand, and giving a wee white lie to her by telling her she was meeting up with the girls, not going on a date with a stranger from the internet. Lauren, also out in Edinburgh, was on standby in the event things didn’t go too well. Thankfully, there was no need for Lauren to make up stories of excuse,
as they had a great time, even though a few drinks were spilled  in the process!

Joanne, picked Michelle up from the train station and told her that very day that she had met the one – and look where we are today. Within six months their lives had become aligned, Michelle moved in with Jamie in Edinburgh and they became inseparable. They enjoyed evenings at the Cinema, hill walks with their beloved pup Indy and many film and board game nights with friends. Shortly after in 2017, they found out that they were expecting the arrival of baby Robin. They bought their first home together in 2019 and had their second child, River, in 2020 and not forgetting Olive in 2021.

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When I asked Jamie and Michelle of a memory that stands out of their time together, they spoke a lot about the births of their children  and how each time brought them closer together. In 2017, mid-contraction from bringing baby Robin into the world, Jamie just couldn’t believe the strength and determination Michelle had.

At this point, they were not engaged, and Jamie said to himself, but out loud I can’t believe I haven’t asked you to marry me!



The Proposal

From then, Jamie planned his chance to pop the question. In December 2018, Joanne & Michelle both had a lovely time in Edinburgh at the Xmas markets taking in lunch and a few drinks where Joanne ‘got hold of last minute tickets’ to go see the Grinch at the Dominion Cinema at 4pm. Michelle, a self-confessed lover of all things Christmas, agreed and just as they were being ushered into the theater Joanne grabbed Michelle’s bag and walked out in the opposite direction, leaving Michelle alone in an empty Cinema screen, but on further inspection, it wasn’t empty – there was Jamie standing in a Christmas red tartan shirt, champagne and chocolates in hand. Shortly after, Love Actually, one of Michelle and Jamie’s favourite films came on the screen, with just the two of them in the theater.

Now as the film ran to the perfect part Jamie stood up and if you know the film well, he recreated the scene with the message boards which included the all important question followed by a beautiful ring chosen just for her. Much to the delight of both of them, it was a yes  and they revealed in their emotions and sipped the champers, but that wasn’t the end of the surprises that Jamie had in store.

They walked out high on the emotions, where a choir awaited them out in the cold December air, singing All you need is love by the Beatles, just like in Love Actually. An apt beginning of a love story which continues as they are both about to make their declarations to become husband and wife before us all here today.

Secret Reasons

Continuing the theme of love, I asked Jamie & Michelle to secretly give me three reasons why they love each other. These have been a closely guarded secret until now so here’s what they said………Jamie said I love you Michelle because you support me through my challenges while always encouraging my strengths, you always put everyone before yourself; you’re undoubtedly the most selfless, caring person I’ve ever known and you secretly know that I’m punching well above my weight, but don’t rub my face in it.



Michelle said I love you Jamie because of the kind of father you are to our babies, you get up every day and do everything you can to be the best dad in the world, the love you surround them with shines from them.  I also love how brave you are, you feel the fear and do it anyway, your dedication to raising awareness around men’s mental health is inspiring, you support so many people through their struggles, and aren’t ever afraid to show vulnerability, if it means helping others and lastly one, which might be a bit selfish, is that I love you because you make me feel like the most loved person in the world, from little things like making me coffee in the morning, or always giving me the first sip of your drink, to planning elaborate romantic gestures to make me feel special, you make our life feel like a movie.



The who’s who of Michelle & Jamie’s  Wedding:

Celebrant – Evelyn Robertson, Fuze Ceremonies

Venue – The Workshop at Boreland

Photos – Neil Jarvie Photography

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Evelyn Robertson,
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