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Project Description

Alicia MacDonald, Celebrant

“I want to use my experience, passion and professionalism to help create a meaningful ceremony that you both will remember forever”.

Alicia is available to conduct Wedding Ceremonies

Alicia’s passion is weddings!! She loves meeting with couples, getting to know them and helping them plan such a significant day in their lives. She has worked in the wedding industry for over ten years as an Events and Wedding Planner, working with couples to bring together the vision of their big day in to a reality.

Having been involved in many weddings over the years, Alicia has always enjoyed the wedding ceremonies performed by Humanists. It seemed to resonate with her more, she enjoyed how personalised they were and how they opened up a more open, capturing wedding ceremony.

Having met Anne from Fuze Ceremonies through working in the weddings Industry, Alicia knew the exact person to contact when it came to organising her own wedding. Anne married Alicia and her Partner in October 2014, performing a beautiful, personalised ceremony, one that they will always cherish.

Now working as a Humanist celebrant, Alicia wants to use her experience, passion and professionalism to help create a meaningful ceremony that a couple will remember forever.

Her other passion in life is travel!!! It is something she gets extremely excited about. She loves researching new places to visit, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.

Alicia and her husband are fortunate enough to have travelled across the world together and visited some truly amazing places. They spent a year living and travelling around the whole of Australia, they have backpacked through Thailand and Indonesia, spent a Summer Island hopping in Greece and have visited many European countries and other World-Wide destinations in-between. Their most recent adventure took them to New Zealand where they had an incredible two years working, travelling and living in this amazing country.

During their time in New Zealand they found out they had a mini hitch-hiker travelling with them. So they returned home to Scotland in summer 2016 and their beautiful baby girl, Fearne was born soon after.

Alicia say that Fearne changed their whole lives the day they met her, her presence has encouraged them to be the best possible versions of themselves. She can’t quite talk yet but already her influence on them is incredible.
What she hasn’t changed is the couple’s passion to travel, thankfully this little addition to their tribe loves to travel too. At eight weeks old she flew back to New Zealand with them to live for six months. They had a great time living and travelling through this country making memories they can one day share with her. During the trip they spent some time travelling in a campervan were she was truly in her element.

So as you can tell, Alicia’s three passions in life are weddings, travel and being a mummy. Weddings have taught her to be approachable and organised, Travel has taught her to be open-minded and laid-back, Parenting has taught her that she can function as a fairly ‘normal’ human on very little sleep.

Alicia’s passions aside, she wants to hear about what makes you happy, what your adventures have been as a couple and the love that’s brought you to this stage in your relationship.

It is her goal to make you feel at ease, to ensure your plans are put together with care and efficiency to create wonderful memories to start this new chapter of your life together.

Alicia is based in Inverness and is happy to conduct ceremonies across the whole of the Highland and Islands area.

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