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Project Description

Lucy Hinnie, Celebrant

“A love of humanity and a basic respect and admiration for the human condition allows us to treat funerals in a way that befits the way people have truly lived their lives, with a meaningful appreciation and reverence that is universal. I have attended so many events where I felt that the ceremony didn’t do justice to the person – more and more I found myself thinking that I would love to do this and do it well”.

Lucy is available to conduct Funeral Ceremonies.

Lucy is currently a part-time PhD student with a love of people and performing. Since she was little she has loved engaging with people, finding out about them and what makes them tick.

Lucy has been many things over the years: she’s waxed skis and made coffee for ambassadors; led tourists into Edinburgh’s haunted vaults and helped young people with their grammar; she has sold more theatre tickets than she cares to count and run wild with a label maker, sorting out archive rooms. More recently she has been travelling the world talking about her research which focuses on late medieval Scottish women. In her spare time, she contributes to podcasts, reads voraciously and dabbles in yoga and mindfulness.

Originally from the North East, she now lives in the West End of Glasgow with two cats and a solicitor. She will treat each funeral with the utmost dignity and respect, with a view to capturing the essence of your loved one in a way that does justice to their life and legacy.

Our lives are less than a thousand months long and to make the best of it we need to have fun, form strong friendships and make the best of the gifts we have – A C Grayling in an interview in The Independent on Sunday, 8 April 2007

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