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Project Description

Natalie Stevenson, Celebrant

“I adore being a celebrant! There is nothing better than learning people’s stories and conveying them in a way that is fitting for those central to the ceremony. Everyone deserves the opportunity to celebrate who they are on the days most important to them”.

Natalie conducts Wedding Ceremonies, Baby Naming and Funeral Ceremonies.

Becoming a celebrant for fuze is a dream come true for Natalie. The opportunity to facilitate a ceremony that is meaningful to those central to it is of great importance. Celebrating people, their backgrounds, wishes and hopes is central to a personal ceremony full of love!

Natalie spends time with couples to learn and tell their story in a way that truly celebrates who ‘they’ are. Making the next big step into a lifelong partnership is massively meaningful to a couple – it should be celebrated so!

Equally- funerals should capture the essence of the person we have lost. Sharing words, and reminders of who they were. Indulging them.

atalie has worked creatively for years as a drama facilitator, lecturer, play teacher, performer, museum educator and costumed interpreter. Utilising these skills, she has developed a number of different projects all with the possibilities of giving people a platform to share their story.

She believes that storytelling is so important when capturing the essence of a person. As a film and theatre buff, she sees that sometimes we know more about fictional characters than who surrounds us! Good storytelling can do that!

With that in mind, she had a humanist wedding ceremony. It gave the opportunity to create, share and truly convey what was important to Natalie as part of celebrating the start of her life as a wife!

The passing of her dad saw her in admiration for his humanist celebrant as his ceremony was composed by truly capturing him, his likes, loves and anecdotes. Smiles were raised amongst the tears.

This all contributed to the decision that she wanted to utilise her skills with people and become a celebrant. Initially she trained independently and delivered naming ceremonies.

It was only after booking a naming ceremony through Fuze to celebrate her son’s 1st birthday, she recognised that was the organisation she wanted to grow and develop with. She believes that The most bonnie storytelling with empathy makes for the most beautiful ceremonies.

Natalie is based in Glasgow and is happy to conduct all types of Ceremonies in the Glasgow and surrounding areas.