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COVID-19 UPDATE – 9th July 2020

Marriages & Civil Partnerships

This is a fast moving situation, we plan to keep these pages updated as more information becomes available.  There may be local changes, so best to contact your local authority.

Scotland:  You can find details here: Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Registration offices are now open for high priority tasks.

From tomorrow (Friday 10 July), up to three households will be able to meet indoors for the first time – up to a maximum of eight people. Meanwhile, up to five different households to a maximum of 15 people will from tomorrow be able to meet outdoors.

A household can meet up to four other households per day in total. Two metre distancing between households should continue, with heightened hygiene measures to avoid creating bridges which allow the virus to spread.

For weddings, civil partnerships and funerals, a maximum of 20 people will be allowed to attend – with that number no longer limited to immediate family. However, the venue must be able to accommodate physical distancing

Associated receptions, wakes etc are still subject to the everyday rules on gatherings inside or outside.

Nicola Sturgeon concedes the regulations are restrictive, describing them as a “necessary precaution”, while the policy will be reviewed from end of July.

Mandatory face coverings will be required in shops. Physical distancing of two metres remains the law, however on public transport and in retail settings exceptions will be allowed once appropriate mitigations are in place.

From Monday (13 July), organised outdoor play and contact sports can resume for children and young people under 18 (subject to guidance), non-essential shops inside shopping centres can re-open, and dental practices can see registered patients for ‘non-aerosol’ procedures.

From Wednesday (15 July), indoor restaurants, cafes and pubs will be able to re-open. Hospitality venues can be granted an exception to the 2 metre distancing requirement, however this requires mitigating measures in place such as clear information for customers, revised seating plans, and all hospitality venues are required to record contact details of customers to support Test and Protect.

All holiday accommodation can re-open from Wednesday, as well as the childcare sector, hairdressers and barbers. Museums, galleries, cinemas and libraries can also open from Wednesday, with strict physical distancing and for many of these facilities advanced ticketing will be required.

Places of worship can re-open from Wednesday for communal prayer, congregational service and contemplation with limited attendance numbers and physical distancing. Specific guidance is being finalised with faith communities. Restrictions on attendance at services and ceremonies for funerals, weddings and civil partnerships will be eased, although full-scale gatherings are still not permitted and some mitigation measures will remain. Associated receptions are subject to restrictions on hospitality and household meetings.


Face coverings.
Avoid crowded places.
Clean hands regularly.
Two metre distance.
Self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms.

More information on Phase 3 can be found here

England:  Find your Local Registrar Office

Weddings or civil partnerships with up to 30 guests can take place, but social distancing must be observed, and big gatherings are not allowed.  This number includes all guests, the officiant and any staff not employed by the venue, like a photographer.  It is”strongly advised” that receptions do not take place afterwards, with only small celebrations of six people outside or two households inside taking place.

Wales:  Find your Local Registrar Office

Places of worship and registry offices are open to conduct the solemnisation of a marriage or the formation of a civil partnership as long as social distancing guidance is observed.  This does not, however, include celebrating the occasion with a reception or other forms of social gatherings with family and friends.

Northern Ireland:  More information here

Outdoor Marriage Ceremonies with 10 people present can take place, but social distancing must be observed, and big gatherings are not allowed.


At present the guidance for the whole of the UK is that funerals should continue, as normally as possible (for now), but taking into account all of the guidelines issued by government for minimising the risk of transmission. In consultation with local crematoria and cemeteries, Funeral homes and families should assess each funeral individually and consider whether it might mean smaller numbers of people and organising a celebration of life or memorial service planned for a later date.

See specific guidance for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Contact Fuze Ceremonies Celebrants we can help families by offering a video family meeting and webcasting ceremonies to enable other mourners to participate.  Get in touch 0800 014 8237 


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