Ethical values

Ethical values2019-03-31T21:52:09+01:00

What defines us: philosophy and values

We’re ethical, tolerant and socially responsible: We pride ourselves in ensuring that there are no barriers about the content of a funeral ceremony whilst maintaining an appropriate level of solemnity and dignity. We don’t dictate what can or cannot be included in a ceremony.

Flexible: We are happy to provide a ceremony almost any location.
High Quality: We put all our staff through a rigorous training and any-one who delivers a ceremony on our behalf operates to the highest standards.
Dependable: We provide back-up cover for all ceremonies to guard against unexpected events (e.g. a car break-down on the way to a ceremony or stuck in traffic); All our staff are disclosed and they are fully insured.
Value for money: Our Funeral ceremonies are very reasonably priced at £165.
Committed to promoting Green business: We have a transport policy; re-cycle policy and foster links with green companies.

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