About Us

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Our mission[s]

Be gone boring ceremonies! 

All too often, ceremony scripts are delivered in the same tone by the same sort of officiant, who simply skims over the most important element of the ceremony – the individual(s) at the heart of it.  We offer 100% bespoke ceremony scripts, spun by sensational Celebrants that completely reflect the client.  

Farewell funeral poverty!

In establishing the not-for-profit Fuze Foundation in 2012, we aim to tackle the growing epidemic of funeral poverty head on and have now provided hundreds of free funeral ceremonies for financially stretched families.

Anne Widdop, Founder & Director

Our purpose

Fuze are redefining what society has come to expect from ceremonies by creating and delivering a one-of-a-kind script that tell your stories in a way that truly represents who you are.  Our moto ‘Your Day, Your Way’ encapsulates everything we believe a ceremony should be and the joy of having a Humanist ceremony is that it truly can be anything you want it to be.

What we do

We create and deliver engaging, entertaining and personality packed ceremonies that reflect our clients’ individuality and tell their tale.  From our next door neighbours to celebrities and professional athletes, we have conducted ceremonies from every corner of society and we love it!  

Morag Webster, Director & Celebrant

How we do it

Fuze HQ is based in Coatbridge in central Scotland; however, our fabulous team of over thirty Celebrants spans the length and breadth of Scotland, from the Highlands and Islands down to the Borders.  Team Fuze are chosen for their creativity, energy, personality and their genuine love of life.  Each and every member of the team has benefitted from our comprehensive Celebrant training, mentoring and development programme as well as being fully insured and disclosed.  Meticulous attention to detail, innovative ideas and a friendly manner are some of the reasons we are leading from the front.

Who are we?

Established back in 2011 by founder, Anne Widdop, Fuze Ceremonies is the result of the experience, knowledge and passion of both Anne and her niece, Morag Webster.  Since then Anne and Morag have worked their socks off, setting the bar on how ceremonies should be scripted and conducted.  They bring much needed professionalism and industry standards to an unregulated market place.  With Anne and Morag at the helm, Team Fuze comprise over thirty Celebrants, a number of whom take on extra roles at Fuze from admin through to marketing.  

Chris Sorley, Sales/Marketing Administrator & Celebrant

Planting the seed

The Fuze Ceremonies’ seed was first planted back in 2003 around the time of Anne’s beloved mother, Agnes’, funeral.  Struggling with the impersonal and generic direction the funeral service was headed in, Anne composed and delivered her mother’s eulogy herself.  In the months and years following the funeral, people who were inspired by Agnes’ eulogy asked whether Anne would consider writing and delivering their own loved-ones eulogies.  


In 2009, Anne and husband, Peter, enjoyed a wonderful Humanist wedding ceremony and this experience prompted Anne to train with the Humanist Society of Scotland as a Celebrant.  Throughout her time with the Humanist Society, Anne conducted hundreds of ceremonies, but she quickly realised that she’d like to do things differently.

Evelyn Robertson, Office Administrator & Celebrant

Full bloom! 

In 2011, Anne made the brave decision to set up Fuze Ceremonies.  In March 2012 she quit her job as Global Director of an International IT company and the first Fuze wedding ceremony followed in Inverary.  With bookings coming in thick and fast, Anne needed somebody reliable by her side.  Enter niece, Morag Webster, who was working as an established interior designer in Edinburgh, and from that moment onwards, neither Anne’s nor Morag’s feet have touched the ground.  Anne’s corporate background coupled with Morag’s business and creative flair brings the perfect fusion of skills and experience to the table and it’s one of the reasons Fuze Ceremonies has become one of Scotland’s leading Humanist and Civil ceremony providers.