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Our speech writers come from a corporate background which we can be forgiven for when you see what we can achieve for you. Punchy and precise branded newsletters to help strengthen internal communications; corporate blogs from senior management; slick and succinct presentations; bad (as in good) bid writing; in-house DVD scripts; corporate content for company web pages; an in-depth understanding of all things corporate, and speeches even Jerry McGuire would weep at. Yes, that last bit’s true – we tried it!

We provide the whole gamut of professional writing services and are flexible enough to try something new so, just because you don’t see it listed, don’t assume we don’t do it. It’s just that no one’s asked us yet (and we don’t want to bore you rigid with a page of bullet points outlining every single service).

Professional Speeches

  • Business Speeches
  • Pitches
  • Sport Speeches
  • Charity & Fundraising Speeches
  • Training
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