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Stream a Funeral service LIVE

Covid-19 has changed so much of our daily lives. 

We know how difficult it is when family and friends cannot attend the funeral of a loved one.

We’ve been working hard to provide a high quality service to include those unable to physically attend a funeral ceremony.

How it works

Guests login in to a dedicated & secure site

A pre-recorded message from Celebrant to those ‘watching at home’

Ceremony composed & performed by a specially trained Celebrant

Ceremony close, music & a further time for reflection

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We are working with Live Streaming Experts, Celebrants and Technology companies to bring you an outstanding new live streaming service.  

Our services can be viewed on a reliable, secure and easy to use website.  No need for your guests to have social media accounts, it’s really easy for everyone to access

What it costs


  • Personalised live video

  • One subtle camera angle

  • Easy to access, personal secure web page to view ceremony

  • Digital copy to send to those unable to watch live



  • Personalised live video

  • One/two subtle camera angles

  • Easy to access, personal secure web page to view ceremony

  • Digital invites to send to mourners

  • Available to watch for 28 days and digital copy for those unable to watch live

  • Create a Digital legacy with Memories.net

Free Upgrade £199

  • * Price does not include Celebrant Services, you can find out more about that here
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We want to help you share those important moments.

Anne Widdop, founder and director of Fuze Ceremonies, said:

COVID-19 has had an extraordinary impact on our lives, especially those who have lost a loved one during this extremely difficult time.  

We have been working hard to provide a high-quality, secure and easy to use service, which acknowledges and includes distanced mourners unable to physically attend a funeral.  

We have researched the emerging use of technology during bereavement and set out with an aim to offer a more personal, inclusive package of services and support to families.  

We hope that Live Streamed Funerals has a positive impact on those who have been affected COVID-19.”

Why us?

Secure:  Ceremony broadcast to a secure location

Easy to use:  no need for social media accounts (FB, YouTube etc)

Watch back: for 28 days

Digital copy supplied

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About us

At Fuze Ceremonies, we strive to provide the best services possible. 

Since Covid-19, we are innovating by enhancing Ceremonies to be more inclusive.  We know how difficult it is when loved ones are unable to attend and you can’t share those precious moments.  We want to offer customers exceptional value, so we are doing deals to bring you a range of reliable, trusted, services at the best prices.

 Our trusted partners

Live Streaming Experts

We are working with top Live Streaming professionals across the UK who are committed to providing a high quality service.  We only work with the best.


A Memories page offers an ad-free, private and secure space to safeguard and share memories of the people, places, moments and milestones that matter the most.

The platform is a vault, visual timeline and digital memory box to future-proof and preserve your family history so it can be enjoyed by your children’s children.

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