The need for well scripted social speeches could be greater than you think. Take weddings for example. If you’re a bride, groom, best man or father of the bride, there’s an expectation that you’ll deliver a speech that packs a punch. But, like football results, expectations can be disappointing.

You have a packed room, a captured audience, a dry mouth and a big blank space where your memory used to be. No amount of one-liners will redeem you from the disappointment you feel as you look at the blank face of your beautiful partner who thought you’d invest just a little bit extra on such a special day.

Boldly go where no man (or very few) have gone before and invest just 30 minutes of your time talking to one of us about what you’d really like to say. We can make your speech as memorable as the day itself and no one need know you had any help scripting it. (It’ll be our little secret!)

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