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Because there is nothing really like holding a part of history in your hands: Your history.

Kevin Sinclair

Kevin SinclairKevin Sinclair works closely with all his clients to preserve the moment and to capture your special day. He loves to make photographs for you in a way that is natural and organic.

Having photographed in some of Scotland’s most stunning locations, Kevin is interested in more than the end result. Becoming a lifelong friend is as important to him as capturing your day.

He believes it is the whole process, the journey and the laughs are all what makes those perfect pictures happen.

It’s those little details that make up the big; when you first shared that glance, and all the magic to follow, right up to the very first dance.

Kevin’s goal is to get your heart racing by reliving the day through photographs and believes that life should be documented.

Have a look at some of Kevin’s work for yourself here

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