Here are some ideas of the things you should think about for your ceremony.

You can also download the Fuze Wedding Ceremony Planner which includes more information on structure, timings, wedding vows and symbolic gestures.

Music for Assembling

As you guests assemble, its nice to have some music you have chosen. Why not make up a play-list on your i-pod or if you have live musicians, they can be playing as the guests arrive.

Entry music

Have a think about the music which will accompany the bridal party as they walk into the marriage room, or if an outdoor wedding, to the spot where the marriage will take place. You don’t need music, but it adds to the occasion.


It nice to welcoming your guests and thanking the attendants (bridesmaids, Best Man, Ushers). If you are having a Humanist/Pagan or any other type of non-religious wedding ceremony, its good to explain at the start why you have chosen this and what is going to happen and to say something inclusive, to make every-one feel part of this. Your Fuze Ceremonies Marriage Officer will be happy to advise and to script this.

Readings / Music

It is lovely to include people in the ceremony. A great way of doing this is to asking a friend or family member to read something, they are usually honoured to have been asked, although typically a lit bit nervous.

Your Fuze Ceremonies Marriage Officer will be happy to advise on poetry and prose and will happily script this. On the day, the Marriage Officer will also bring any reading printed out on card, in a nice large font – it’s just one less thing for you or your readers to worry about !

There are several points in the ceremony that readings are appropriate, again your Fuze Marriage Officer will guide you on this.

Thoughts about marriage

During your meetings with your Fuze Ceremonies Marriage Officer they will get to know you a little and will ask lots of questions that will help them draft some words about your marriage and the importance that is has to you. You may choose to write this yourself, either way, its important to talk a little about why you love each other and have chosen to marry. While this is uniquely personal, most couples use a little humour as a part of the mix of reasons and that always produces a lovely moment in the ceremony.

Your marriage

Many of your guests will know your story but some may not, so it can be a bit of fun to include some of your story and don’t be afraid to inject an anecdote or two. This can be as short or long as you decide, it really personalises your ceremony so don’t be shy!

Personal vows

You can write your own vows and we encourage you to do just that. Its one of the most emotional and highly personal parts of the ceremony. The team at Fuze have many examples of how you can write your vows and samples of what others have written – we’re here to help you !

Exchange of rings

Rings can be held by the best man, bridesmaids, a young niece nephew, children and on some occasions have been carried by Fido, the family dog, or even brought by an owl that swoops down with the rings.

Legal vows

There are the four sets of wording and you must select one of these.

Signing The Schedule

This it the point where you sign ‘the register’ that will be witnesses two independent witnesses and solemnised by the Marriage Officer. This is the final step in making the marriage legal.
Your Marriage Officer will advise you about the formalities relating to signing this legal document.

Closing Words

Have a think about any announcements that you would like made – ie Champagne and Canapés in the garden while the bride and groom get pictures taken; or do you have a guest book that you would like your guests to leave a message? What time and where is the meal to be served ?
And finally and Presentation of: – Mr and Mrs ? or the Bride and Groom – we have many great announcements that we can suggest to you.

Happy exit to music

Have a think about what music you would like played as you head into your future together.