May continued with an international flavour, Nikki and Shane flew 11,107.12 miles back to Scotland after three years in New Zealand for their Scottish Wedding at Broxmouth Park, Dunbar where the wedding was hosted by Simon Flame. As you might imagine I hear many wonderful stories about couples proposal’s however Nikki and Shane’s was one of the more unusual one’s and they’ve let me share it with you.

Last year at the height of New Zealand’s winter Shane planned a weekend in the Tongariro National Park which catered to both their interests. There would be some hiking and an overnight camp in the snow, the adventurous part for Shane; to be followed by a stay at a luxury hotel to appease Nikki. Starting on the Friday, they set off after work and drove the few hours to the beginning of the trail. The conditions were great, with the famous starry skies and moon illuminating their ascent of Devils Staircase and into the dormant(ish) crater of Mount Tongariro. Around midnight they were able to pitch their tent and climb into their sleeping bags; the only people on the whole mountain.

Unfortunately the impending bad weather arrived a lot sooner than forecast and they were woken a few hours later by high winds which soon whipped up to over 50kmph. With temperatures of around -20 and their water frozen, they were forced to break camp. The conditions were so bad they truggled to keep control of the tent before they could pack everything up. Pushing their way through the snow, with visibility down to 10’s of metres, they found shelter on their descent. The weather abated and the sunrise lit up the glittering snowy slopes over the back drop of Mount Ngauruhoe (or if you are a Lord of the Rings fan Mount Doom).

Following a freshly prepared snow-melt hot chocolate with his knee buried deep in the snow Shane proposed.  That’s a bit different to Shane’s more usual caving and diving.

Roddy and Jessica, now settled down together in Canada, skipped 3,018.70 miles over the Atlantic from their home in Montreal to find Edinburgh basking in sunshine to provide the perfect back drop for their Craighouse Campus wedding.

Todd and Joanna made the quick 4,202.3 mile dash from Lakeland Florida for their Scottish wedding. Beforehand they enjoyed a whirlwind drive of over 1000 miles around Scotland, including a drive around Skye before arriving at the romantic Dalhousie Castle the venue for their wedding.


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