Lochside House Hotel Ceremony

Dancing their way into a beautiful future! 

One very memorable day back in July, I had the complete pleasure of conducting a very special ceremony for Ross and Kylie at the stunning Lochside House Hotel.

From the minute I met them to start creating their ceremony, I just knew that this was going to be a very different and exciting wedding. Both from an entertainment background, they have traveled extensively to some really exotic places, singing and dancing their way around the world! Kylie had even arranged a steel band as a surprise for Ross, to play during their ceremony, to bring back memories of some of the beautiful places they’d worked.

The lively and colourful guys soon had the whole of Lochside House swaying to their Caribbean rhythms and, as Ross entered the ceremony room with his groomsmen, it was so obvious that he ‘d had absolutely no idea about the choice of musicians – Clearly he loved it!! And with so many of their friends from all over the world there, it was truly an international gathering.

After symbolically tying their hearts together, they gave each other their beautiful vows and, during the ceremony, their friend Natalie had us all spellbound, by singing a number from the show “Wicked” called “For good” – just perfect!

The whole ceremony from start to finish was bursting with vibrancy, colour, love and exuberance – a feast for the eyes and the ears!

Emma Sanderson Photography captured all the magic moments and the guys from Steeldrumbands provided the fantastic music!

By Gillian Phillips

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