I am often asked the question, do you celebrate Christmas?

I don’t celebrate Christmas as such, as it the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the prophet of the Christian religion.

So, what exactly do you, as a Humanist, do at Christmas?

As a Humanist, this is my personal view; and I promise it is not all ‘bah-humbug’.

Just because the holiday might have a link to religion it doesn’t mean we have to stay away from it. We can either just celebrate the secular aspects of a holiday or try some alternatives.

Like me, many Humanists regard the festival as a time to enjoy good food and drink with family and friends, but without going over the top, because they regard the commercialisation of the season as irritating and wasteful, whilst others prefer to ignore the whole thing, which is actually a very difficult thing to do and they have my up most respect.

The other important thing to celebrate is the passing of the old and the coming of the New Year. Well that and a couple of days off…

There are also many non-theistic activities that I could join in with like signing non-religious carols (Rudolf the red nose reindeer is my favorite), making sweets and biscuits or even helping out with a charity.

My advice to anyone who is not sure of what to do over the festivities is, whatever you decide to do it doesn’t needn’t be stressful or complicated. Bear in mind Christmas isn’t compulsory, but if you decide not join in the festivities you don’t have to apologise for it, but try not to spoil other people’s enjoyment. They have their own beliefs so you need to respect that.

Also, I believe it’s more important to spend time with your children than to spend money on them. Also, instead of spending vast amounts of money on presents, you can treat people by doing things for them, as well as giving them a gift. It’s nice to feel spoiled.

Lastly, you could think about an ethical gift. Why not donate on behalf of a friend or family member to a worthy cause. Or alternatively you could purchase gifts from them too.

Just remember these are simply my suggestions and thoughts; they are not hard and fast rules. I hope you are able to enjoy yourself with friends and family.

May you all have a great time over the festivities, whatever you may choose to do, and I wish you all the very best for a prosperous 2018 from all of us at the Fuze Foundation x

By Morag Webster

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