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Motivation, Pledge, Purpose, Present and Future


A funeral is the last ceremony of a person’s life and everyone deserves a decent goodbye. However, funeral ceremonies have had lack of personalisation and lack of focus on a deceased’s life.

This has encouraged us to devise a way of how funeral ceremonies should be conducted to make them personal, memorable, and supportive for the family.

A Humanist ceremony is one such kind, which has the potential of leaving a person feeling uplifted and engaged and can be memorable for the right reasons. It is where people can celebrate life’s milestones and share human values by incorporating vivid ways and gestures.

Our belief lies in giving back to the society and the creation of foundation has enabled us to do our part. Our celebrants are increasingly providing free wedding services to people who are terminally ill or those in financial hardship and are also offering families free of charge funeral ceremonies.

Fuze Foundation has been helping people and supporting families in their hour of need as well as in times of celebration since 2012.


We Pledge

  • To promote equality and diversity in society by providing solemn and dignified Humanist Marriage and Funeral Ceremonies
  • To promote religious and racial harmony by providing Funeral Ceremonies for everyone, regardless of race, belief, or religion
  • To assist with the real issues around funeral affordability by actively campaigning and working on behalf of families to address the issues they face



Our Purpose

The Foundation works for promotion of diversity and equality in society by providing dignified Funeral Ceremonies to those who share ethical Humanist’s beliefs as defined in the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) Declaration of the World Humanist Congress of 2002.

We promote the value of religious and racial harmony by providing Funeral Ceremonies for everyone, regardless of race, belief, or religion. The ceremonies may contain religious rituals and beliefs as the Foundation aims to meet the needs and interests of the community at large.

Our aim is to stand with families at times of grief and to promote religious harmony by being respectful, work in harmony with people of different beliefs and not be prescriptive about the contents of a ceremony.

We work to help towards the prevention and relief of poverty by campaigning and working on behalf of families to address issues related to Funeral Poverty.  To do so, the Foundation offer bereaved families Funeral Ceremonies (Celebrants only) at no cost to them and works with other social enterprises to offer low-cost alternative funerals and memorial ceremonies.

Each day we strive to educate people about the grim reality of Funeral Poverty and how it affects the families in an exceedingly difficult time. One should be quite aware of his/her own funeral ceremony to manage not only the ceremonial aspects but also the financial ones which can have a burdensome effect on the family.



Present and Future

Our moto ‘Your Day, Your Way’, adhering to the same we are currently fundraising to enable us to continue with this service.

The Foundation offers not-for-profit Legal Humanist Marriages and Funeral ceremonies in Scotland and campaigns for equality, diversity, and social justice.

Our organization has raised thousands of pounds over the years to CHAS, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Lochaber Hope.

We are committed to grow the Foundation and be able to offer more than just a free Celebrant for a ceremony in the future.




Inspired by contribution from Anne Widdop and Morag Webster
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