A Scottish Homecoming

What is a Homecoming Ceremony?

Do you have family in Scotland? Perhaps you’ve been planning a trip to Scotland for the last few years but you’re just not that sure where to start. If you are interested in researching your family tree then we have got what you are looking for. Fuze Ceremonies has introduced a brand new innovative service Homecoming Ceremonies.

If you have Scottish ancestry we can welcome you home to Scotland with a unique and perfectly tailored Homecoming Ceremony. Whether you have family in the Highlands of Scotland or can trace your family tree back to working in the boat yards in Clydebank, we have something for you. We’ll take you on a journey and walk in the footsteps of your ancestors, taking you to the places that your family lived and worked and showing you exactly where your roots are within this beautiful country.

We can take you and your family to a place that is meaningful and can perform a memorable and emotional ceremony to welcome you back to your homeland. As part of your homecoming we will tell your family’s Scottish story as well as incorporating symbolic gestures, music and poetry to create a great sentimental ceremony for you and your guests to enjoy, weaving together your family history to create a truly unique memorable experience.

What better way to celebrate returning to your homeland than visiting the beautiful surroundings, drinking whisky from the quaich and having a good old knees up at a ceilidh with your loved ones.

We can also offer you a Homecoming Package. We will provide you with your ceremony along with a venue, music, piper and do all the genealogical research for your family and put together an itinerary for your trip to Scotland, taking you to all the ancestral haunts of your forefathers.

Sound interesting? We would love to speak to you if you would be interested in a Homecoming Ceremony or Homecoming Package!

Please feel free to contact us for any information you may need and have a look at our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for even more.

By Jodie Fraser

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