Practical Humanism – it’s easy !
I feel the best way to demonstrate Humanism is to be active. It’s not about preaching beliefs, its about showing that you care.

At the Fuze Foundation, we are doing this by raising money for good causes. We want to show that we care by supporting Charities that provide services in communities. We’ve been delighted to raise money for the Children’s Hospices in Scotland, for Break-through Breast Cancer and for Lochaber Hope.

We’ve had two Fun, Frocks and Fundraising events where we raised thousands of pounds. It was a lot of hard work organising these events, but it paid off, literally. 100% of the funds raised were given to the charities we support.

Humanism is about every day actions. It’s about being generous, kind and caring. It’s about challenging prejudice and above all it’s about tolerance. You will hear it said that you should perform a random act of kindness every day – I believe that to be right. We can all be better people – better to ourselves too. So don’t beat yourself up about all the things you haven’t done. Find 5 mins in your day to just reflect. Take care of yourself and help some-one out this week. What do you have to loose?

By Anne Widdop

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