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Emerging from the Lock-down

Covid-19 Weddings in Scotland – Updated 18th June 2020

Today the Scottish Government announced that from the 29th June Registration offices in Scotland will be open for high priority tasks and a public gathering outdoors for a ceremony such as a marriage or civil partnership can take place with a minimal number of attendees.
However, one thing that is clear is that the overall message at this stage is if you were hoping for any sort of ‘normal’ wedding (ceremony, reception/meal & evening dance), then you should NOT expect this to happen in the short term, whilst the virus is here.
We still have an array of questions relating to the Scottish Wedding Industry, and unfortunately our questions will only be answered in the coming weeks as move through each phase of the route through and out of crisis.
To try and offer some clarity, we have put together some info-graphics, that are in our opinion, show what might be possible as we move through the phases.  No dates can be given as this will be dependant on each 3 weekly review.  Nothing is guaranteed and will of course be subject to change.
Plus, you can check out our previous blog for some ideas on planning your wedding during the Corona Virus Pandemic
We will post any further updates, as we hear them.

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Planning a wedding is a big undertaking at the best of times. With the changes brought on by the pandemic – not to mention the unpredictability of what comes next – you might feel your dream wedding is quickly turning into a nightmare.

Well, we’re here for you and we will do everything we can to make your day as personal, intimate and magical as you’ve always imagined.

Get in touch and find out how, even in the strange new world we all find ourselves in, we can work with you to create a smaller big day full of wee moments that will live forever in the memory.

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