The guests have been asked to stand to receive the bridal party, the music is playing, and there is a buzz in the room, electric with that hint of emotion you expect at a wedding. The groom is standing nervously at the front waiting for his bride to join him at his side.

This one of my favourite parts of a wedding ceremony; the bride finally enters and the room fills with even more anticipation and excitement, I look up to watch the bride walk down the aisle, but wait, it’s different this time….. I am the bride. It’s me walking down the aisle with my Mum at my side.

Finally, after months of preparation the Humanist marriage ceremony of me, and my just about to be Husband, has begun. Stuart and I tied the knot in September in a beautiful ceremony at New Lanark Mills surrounded by our family and friends.
I have to admit, it all felt so surreal, a feeling I suspect most couples must have, and I now have a better understanding as to how a bride is feeling on the lead up to the big day. I didn’t feel too nervous, as conducting ceremonies myself, I knew more or less what to expect, whereas most couples don’t.

My biggest piece of advice I can give any couple for their wedding day, is to take the time to enjoy the day and steal yourself away from your guests occasionally to have a little time on your own, as a newly married couple.Yes, you have the rest of your life together, but you are only the bride and groom for one day.

My other top tip is that you give someone your camera to take pictures for you, so that you can have a look at the photos after the wedding, especially if you are honeymooning straight away, otherwise you might not have any pictures of your big day until you get home.

Take it from me, as an old married lady now, your wedding day will be one of the fastest days you will ever experience in your life, but enjoy it, oh and make sure you have a good pair of dancing shoes for the evening.


Scottish Wedding Awards 2014 Finalist
Scottish Wedding Awards 2014