A few weeks ago I turned 42, bit of a scary age, but I’m coping well so far!

I also had the enormous pleasure of conducting a truly unique wedding ceremony for a lovely couple: the beautiful Lauren and the handsome Ali.

The ceremony was held at Queen’s Park in Glasgow within the bandstand, and believe it or not, it was really sunny! This was a relief for everyone!

The day began with us arriving nice and early to set up and with the assistance of the lovely team from Queen’s Park, the bandstand was looking great.

As guests started to arrive, the park was getting busy, with lots of families, children and dog walkers and of course everyone was welcome to watch the ceremony.

The bride arrived in a bright orange VW camper van with both her parents who looked as proud as punch to be walking their only daughter down the aisle and the excited groom was blown away when he saw his gorgeous girl looking even more stunning than usual.

The ceremony was a great success, with lots of happy tears and plenty of personal touches. Both Lauren and Ali had written their own personal vows, which were genuinely heartfelt and there was not a dry eye in the park by this point.

We incorporated some lovely elements, such as the hand fasting, drinking from the Quaich and Gift to Mums. We also had a couple of wonderful readings, including the Bride’s favourite: ‘The Ding Dang Dong’ by Spike Milligan.

The ceremony was filled with emotion, laughter and a genuine outpouring of love, not just from Lauren and Ali, but from all their family and friends too.

As part of planning the ceremony, a great opportunity also arose, which worked out perfectly, in that I was offered some free aerial filming with a drone, thanks to Paul and Harry.

Harry had recently qualified to fly the drone and this gave him a perfect opportunity to practice, and of course the Queen’s Park team were happy to allow this, as were the delighted Bride and Groom.

After the ceremony, we headed to the Bowling Club in Queen’s Park to celebrate with some fabulous food, some great music, plenty of laughter and I enjoyed every minute.

I feel so honoured that I can play such an important part in a day like this, and it’s one that I will always remember fondly. I even got a brilliant birthday gift from the Bride and Groom too!

Congratulations again to Mr and Mrs Taylor xx


By Victoria Bisland

Scottish Marriage Statistics First Quarter 2015
Seaton Collegiate Church